Lincoln Park apartment buildings can be characterized by the high number of pre-war buildings, but there has been a decent influx of new construction and even some luxury apartment buildings that have arisen in the neighborhood during recent years. Many Lincoln Park apartment buildings are found near public parks and boutique shops, two of the trademark features of this popular North Side neighborhood.

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1807-09 N Lincoln Park West Apartments
1807-09 N Lincoln Park West
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1940 North Lincoln Apartments
1940 North Lincoln
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2335-45 N Geneva / 2348-62 N Cambridge Apartments
2335-45 N Geneva / 2348-62 N Cambridge
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2616 N Hampden Court Apartments
2616 N Hampden Court
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2630 N Hampden, One Bedroom Living Room
2630 North Hampden
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2738 N Pine Grove
Rent starting at
2756 North Pine Grove Apartments
2756 N. Pine Grove
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2970 N Sheridan
Rent starting at
430-446 West Diversey Apartments
430-446 West Diversey
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444 W St James Apartments
444 W St James
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500 W. Fullerton Apartments
500 W. Fullerton
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523 W. Fullerton Apartments
523 W. Fullerton
530 W. Arlington Apartments
530 W. Arlington
530 W Diversey Apartments
530 W. Diversey
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531 West Deming Apartments
531 West Deming
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532-34 W. Grant Place Apartments
532-34 W. Grant Place
536 W. Grant Place Apartments
536 W. Grant Place
620 West Surf Apartments
620 West Surf