You’ve found the perfect apartment—the right neighborhood, right price point, great view, close to public transportation or your favorite dog park. But something about it just doesn’t feel right. Could it be the psychic energy? And what can you do to fix it?

Domu consulted Andrew Anderson, and Cynthia Becker, both rated among Chicago’s top ten most reliable psychic/mediums.

How do you sense the energy in an apartment?

Cynthia explained, “Your psychic mind is picking up hundreds of bits of information all the time. While your conscious mind is occupied...

Domu is a locally-owned company that takes pride in helping Chicagoans find apartments. And we also take pride in Chicago—its architecture, its unique and varied neighborhoods, its cultural landmarks, its food, its innovation and the kindness of its people.

Our 2017 advertising campaign expresses our Chicago pride through the timeless words of many who shaped its culture. Throughout Chicago’s rental season, you’ll see thousands of Domu ads on Chicago public transit buses and trains that attest to the extraordinary nature of our city. 

By literally putting this poetry into...

Many apartment searches begin with a realization that you’d like to move to a particular neighborhood, or that you would really like to have a specific feature—like a great view or outdoor space—in your next apartment. But what about rent? Do you know how much you can afford to spend on rent, or how much you ought to spend? Domu asked Chicago’s most renowned financial journalist, Ilyce Glink, for five tips for Chicago renters to consider during the apartment search. According to Ilyce:

  1. When setting a rental budget, the three most important considerations are
  2. ...

Hundreds of years ago, the spice trade flowed on the Silk Road, a treacherous trek from the Far East to the Middle East. Chicagoans won’t need to travel as far to find spices from around the world. With their storefront in Old Town, Patty and Tom Erd brought exotic spices to Chicago.

Patty’s parents, Ruth and Bill Penzey, opened The Spice House in 1957 in Milwaukee. There are now five locations throughout Chicago, Evanston, Geneva and Milwaukee. Growing up, Patty, sometimes reluctantly, spent her Saturdays earning her allowance and sharpening her spice merchant chops at the...


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