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Chicago Neighborhoods

The map divides the City of Chicago into 119 different neighborhoods. Find a neighborhood that interests you, either by scrolling through and clicking on the map or by clicking on an entry in the alphabetical list below. Because there's no official consensus on the boundaries of Chicago's many neighborhoods, our maps reveal apartments available for rent a few blocks beyond the fringes of each neighborhood (as we have defined it). On the maps, hollow squares denote individual apartment listings while opaque squares reflect entire buildings.

Thanks to massive expansions of South Loop campuses and increasing enrollment at all the local schools, Chicago has lately become a college town. Moreover, in recent years, the competition for students has grown increasingly intense, as evidenced by the number of colleges and universities that tout their degree programs in the local papers, on regional radio stations, and wherever else they can get a word in edgewise. Chicago is now an education destination, drawing students from the Midwest and beyond.

To facilitate the apartment searching process for these students, we created customized maps that reveal apartments available for rent near each of the local Chicago schools. Simply click on the school you attend, and the map will reveal your apartment renting options. Hollow red squares denote individual apartment listings, and opaque red squares reveal entire apartment buildings.

To keep pace with the increasing demand for apartments outside the Chicago city limits, domu now features apartment listings in many of the northern suburbs, as well as Oak Park and Evergreen Park. To find an apartment in one of these suburbs, simply click on the map or the name of the suburb below.