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If there's one word to describe Pilsen, it's "vibrant." This working-class neighborhood has the highest concentration of anything and everything Latino in the city, and it shows. From the jingling bells on the tamale guy's cart, to bustling 18th Street, Pilsen is lively, colorful and authentic.

Let's see, National Museum of Mexican Art? Check. Dozens of art galleries? Check. Taco stands, hot dog joints, and restaurants out the wazoo? Check. Plus, Harrison Park breaks up the industrial stretch, allowing folks to kick back and play some tennis or baseball. Businesses are plentiful on Ashland and Damen Avenues between Cermak and 18th Street.

Pilsen apartments are classic duplexes and single-family homes in a predominantly industrial area. The sense of community is strong. Youngsters running around and young adults hanging out on the corners are ubiquitous. A trip into the city is easy thanks to three pink line stops (Western/Cermak, Damen/Cermak, and 18th Street). But don't move too fast. You might miss all the murals.

Typical rents

2 Bedrooms$2100
3 Bedrooms$325
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