Hundreds of years ago, the spice trade flowed on the Silk Road, a treacherous trek from the Far East to the Middle East. Chicagoans won’t need to travel as far to find spices from around the world. With their storefront in Old Town, Patty and Tom Erd brought exotic spices to Chicago.

Patty’s parents, Ruth and Bill Penzey, opened The Spice House in 1957 in Milwaukee. There are now five locations throughout Chicago, Evanston, Geneva and Milwaukee. Growing up, Patty, sometimes reluctantly, spent her Saturdays earning her allowance and sharpening her spice merchant chops at the...

February 20, 2017

6 Lofts Currently on Domu

Due to our city’s industrial past, many brick and timber warehouses and factories populate Chicago’s neighborhoods. Over time, many of these formerly industrial spaces have been converted to private residences and are now some of the city’s most unique rentals. Take a look at 6 loft apartments that are currently available on Domu.


In 2015, the City Council approved a new ordinance that clarifies existing guidelines for when sidewalks need to be cleared of snow and increases fines for failure to do so. Some of the key changes to the ordinance are outlined below.

  • The new ordinance increases fines from $50 to anywhere from $50-$500 per occurrence. Fines are determined on a case-by-case basis by an administrative hearings judge.
  • The previous ordinance gave Chicagoans the day off from shoveling on Sundays. The new ordinance requires residents to shovel seven days a week.
  • The City Council
  • ...

Last summer, Ravenswood got a jolt that would make morning commutes a little more bearable: Groundswell Coffee Roasters.

In just over a year, Groundswell went from founder Jason Foster’s 55-page business plan to a top-quality up-and-coming coffee roaster. Now with three locations, Groundswell sets itself apart with rare Yemeni coffee (when available) and is perhaps the only coffee shop in Chicago with two handmade Japanese slow-drip towers for making cold brew.

Foster, a former athlete who attended the University of Illinois at Chicago on a baseball scholarship, ran into...



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