Find Your Perfect Chicago Room For Rent

Find a room for rent in Chicago apartments. Cheap rooms for rent can help offset the cost of renting a Chicago apartment. Need a roommate or have a spare bedroom? Take advantage of the growing demand in Chicago for available rooms for rent. These apartments have plenty of space, and some even come with the benefit of furnished common areas for renters to get their personal space while paying less than the cost of renting an entire apartment.

Where Can I Rent a Room in Chicago?

Rooms for rent in Chicago are typically in multi-bedroom properties, with at least one tenant signed on to the apartment lease. Still, they are looking for full occupancy to manage the cost of renting the apartment. Finding roommates is an age-old method for renters to keep costs down and end up with a cheap apartment.  Also, try searching coliving apartments for a variety of furnished, short-term, and affordable shared housing options.

Chicago is a renter-friendly city in more ways than one. Multifamily apartment buildings and multi-bedroom single-family homes are both fair places to search for rooms for rent in Chicago. Renters in Chicago who are budget-conscious can defray some of the cost by renting a room in an apartment.

How to Find Rooms for Rent

Some renters may prefer to ask among their network of friends and family to see whether or not there’s a room for rent near them. A segment of renters may choose a different path, where they browse available rooms for rent on listing sites like this one.

Professionally managed apartments are also becoming more attuned to the needs of renters who may not need to rent an entire apartment. Renters can opt for the flexible lease terms and lower price of a room for rent in Chicago apartments. These types of apartment leases may include all utilities, and some go as far as providing cleaning and maintenance services for the apartment. Don’t stress about finding the perfect apartment that’s 100% vacant -- instead, get into the ideal neighborhood and optimal location by renting a room in one of these Chicago apartments.