Find Your Perfect Loft Apartment

Searching for lofts for rent in Chicago will bring plenty of high ceilings, brick walls, and exposed ductwork. And Chicago has plenty of them. Chicago lofts with a fascinating industrial legacy can charm renters who go for those harder edges and wide-open layouts. Explore these unique loft apartments and find the one worth calling home.

What Are Loft Apartments?

For contemporary style blended with an old-school aesthetic, it doesn't get more classic than loft apartments in Chicago. Find spacious timber lofts for rent with former built-in warehouses, modern loft apartments designed with today's most convenient appliances and amenities, or discover renovated factory lofts that combine old and new with unmistakable style. Many of these places boast high ceilings and industrial design elements, but history buffs will find plenty of additional exciting factoids and details if they choose lofts in Chicago. 

Types of Chicago Lofts For Rent

Definitions of "what makes an apartment a loft apartment?" will vary. There are several different types of lofts in Chicago. A Warehouse Loft (also called an Industrial Loft) is found in a converted factory building or warehouse, as the name implies. These types of lofts in Chicago have been carved out of formerly industrial buildings. Features like concrete floors, bare concrete columns, exposed brick, and factory windows are common in Warehouse and Industrial Lofts. The South Loop, Fulton Market, and River North neighborhoods of Chicago contain many good examples of this type of loft apartment.

A Timber Loft probably matches many renters' preconceptions of what lofts look like. Sturdy wooden beams and timber-clad ceilings are defining traits of Timber Lofts. These are spread across the city in various neighborhoods, with Bronzeville, Lakeview, and Noble Square containing some fine examples. 

Then there are the Soft Loft apartments, which renters might encounter in areas with more recent construction like the West Loop, South Loop, and Chicago Loop. This is a loft apartment built in recent years to evoke a loft feel: high ceilings, generous natural light, and raw industrial materials are incorporated into the apartment even though it was never used in any industrial capacity.

Where Can I Find Loft Apartments In Chicago?

Since Chicago is an industrial city with a legacy of manufacturing a bunch of stuff at one time or another in almost all of its neighborhoods, lofts for rent are scattered throughout most of Chicago. Specific neighborhoods tend to have more loft apartments than others due to being more densely populated with manufacturing at one point. On Domu, the neighborhoods with the most loft apartments for rent are as follows:

Popular Chicago Lofts

These Chicago lofts reflect many of the favored characteristics found in loft apartments. They are unique and convey a sense of personality, just like the people who'll end up renting one of them.

How Much Are Loft Apartments to Rent?

Loft apartments are found all over Chicago, and this wide dispersal makes it difficult to ascertain an average cost. Because of the uniqueness of Chicago lofts, the rent is likely slightly higher than other rentals in the neighborhood, but it's worth it to renters who love lofts. Several factors will drive the monthly cost of a loft for rent, the first being location. Second is the unique architecture and details of the attic. The third is the loft's level of finishes (some renters prefer a more authentic, raw vibe while others desire premium finishes). And fourth is amenities. Some of the more recently renovated loft buildings in Chicago include first-class amenities in the building such as 24-hour door staff, fitness rooms, and so on. There are cheap lofts for rent, but it will require a unique opportunity because the loft apartments for rent remain in high demand.