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Neighborhood Vibe

Lakeview apartments can be found in every conceivable size, shape, and vintage. The neighborhood offers plenty for those looking to rent an apartment in Lakeview: punk music clubs, retro diners, fitness centers, baseball, nightlife, and Boystown converge.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Apartments in Lakeview may often be described by their relative distance from the neighborhood’s most famous landmark, Wrigley Field. The second oldest baseball stadium in America can be found at the corner of Addison and Clark. The buzz surrounding the park on any game day fuels a micro-neighborhood aptly named Wrigleyville, comprised of the surrounding taverns, restaurants, and apartments. Aside from the happenings at Wrigley Field, Lakeview has much more to offer residents. 
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Best Way to Get Around

The ‘L’ Red and Brown line trains make stops throughout Lakeview, and numerous CTA bus routes operate in the neighborhood. Lake Shore Drive is easily accessible as well.
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What We Love Most

The Vic, another old-school theater in the Lakeview neighborhood, is great for concerts. But locals who rent apartments in Lakeview won’t have to wait for their favorite band to come to the Vic -- their signature Brew n’ View screenings of cult classic movies are a great communal experience.

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Apartment Buildings in Lakeview

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1049 W Oakdale Ave
Rent starting at
1050 West George
1050 W George St
Rent starting at
1101-03 West Wellington
1101 W Wellington Ave
1115-27 West Oakdale
1115 W Oakdale Ave
Rent starting at
1200-02 West Wellington
1200 W Wellington Ave
1444-50 West Byron
1444 W Byron St
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2630 North Hampden
2630 N Hampden Ct
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2756 N. Pine Grove
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2827 North Burling
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2840-46 North Orchard
2840 N Orchard St
Rent starting at
2900-14 North Mildred
2900 N Mildred Ave
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3130 North Lake Shore Drive
3130 N Lake Shore Dr
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3244-54 North Clifton
3244 N Clifton Ave
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350 W Oakdale
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3510 N Pine Grove
3510 N Pine Grove Ave
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3517-25 North Racine
3517 N Racine Ave
Rent starting at
3720 N. Pine Grove
3720 N Pine Grove Ave
Rent starting at
3823-29 North Fremont
3823 N Fremont St
Rent starting at

New Lakeview Chicago Apartments for Rent

4046 N Hermitage Ave #202
857 W Cornelia Ave #1N
870 W Buckingham Pl #2
1044 W School St #2F
908 W Belle Plaine Ave #3R
415 W Aldine Ave #2A
1040 W School St #3R
540 W Briar Pl #5M
3450 N Lake Shore Dr #507
3950 N Ashland Ave #3
1414 W Henderson St #CH
3832 N Fremont St #2
3817 N Fremont St #2R
1517 W Oakdale Ave #2
3426 N Lincoln Ave #2
3526 N Broadway #1E
1517 W Oakdale Ave #2
1938 W Berenice Ave #1