Here are some of the most popular apartment buildings in the West Loop Chicago. The West Loop is home to many of the finest dining establishments and hottest bars in Chicago. Lately, the trend of social gaming -- combined with high end food and beverage programs -- has taken hold in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago.

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851 West Apartments
851 West
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Atrio Apartments
Rent starting at
Avra West Loop
Rent starting at
Rent starting at
Circa 922 Loft Apartments
Circa 922
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Echelon Chicago Apartments
Echelon Chicago
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200 Squared Apartments
Lake & Wells
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The Letterman Chicago Apartments
Letterman Chicago
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Monroe Aberdeen Place Apartments
Monroe Aberdeen Place
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Porte Apartments
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The Jax Apartments
The Jax
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The Mason Apartments
The Mason
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1000 W Washington Lofts Apartments
1000 W Washington Lofts
1000 West Adams Apartments
1000 West Adams
1001 West Madison Apartments
1001 West Madison
model kitchen with timber ceiling and brick wall- 1012 West Randolph Lofts
1012 West Randolph Loft
1040 W Adams Lofts Apartments
1040 W Adams Loft
111 S Morgan Apartments
111 S Morgan