About Domu

Domu was born in Chicago to serve Chicago’s renters.

Domu was founded by two brothers, Noah Schatz and Lincoln Schatz, who grew up in rented apartments in Chicago. At that time, apartment renters turned to printed classified ads, disorganized listings, and very few amenities to choose from. Things have changed.

In 2010, Noah Schatz and Lincoln Schatz of Chicago made it their mission to simplify the apartment search process. Domu is now the largest apartment listing site to focus on Chicago’s rental market.

Domu is committed to transparency, simplicity, and honesty in the apartment listing and searching process. It’s a locally owned and operated company. Although the Domu name is known to people outside of Chicago, the mission remains: help people in Chicago find a perfect apartment worthy of calling home.

To get in touch with Domu about:

Marketing inquiries: erik@domu.com

Business Development: matt@domu.com

List an apartment: info@domu.com

Press inquiries: caroline@domu.com