About Domu

Domu was founded in 2010 by two brothers who had grown up in Chicago rental apartments. Their goal: to share their deep knowledge of Chicago neighborhoods via a well-designed, straightforward search engine, all in the service of helping renters find places that feel right.

Before Domu, Chicagoans turned to the Reader, a local paper with extensive but disorganized classifieds. Searching for apartments was tedious, listings were not up-to-date or always accurate, and renters felt beleaguered by the process.  

We started Domu to provide a safe-haven for renters. We believe that when it comes to finding a place to call home, the process should be simple and intuitive. On Domu, the listings on the site are real and up-to-date. The search experience is clear, uncluttered, and elegant. Communication with landlords is direct. And Domu’s Chicago-specific resources are available to guide you through lease negotiations.  Unlike the sites that are free to landlords, there are no bait-and-switch tactics or scams on Domu. We recognize that you are searching with a purpose, and we want to help you move from searching to finding as quickly as possible.

We also believe that all Chicagoans should have a place to call home. We are proud supporters of Chicago Coalition for the Homeless and their work to advocate for the human right to housing.