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Neighborhood Vibe

Uptown is like a live gallery of Chicago's historical and contemporary scenes. Here, high-rise apartments in Uptown give you a front-row seat to Lake Michigan's spectacular skyline while the timeless charm of brick-laden courtyards and solid Greystones offers a quieter, more grounded feel. But Uptown is more than just its buildings; it’s a cultural crossroads. With legendary theaters pulling in concerts and events, peaceful parks tucked away here and there, and plenty of tasty eateries, Uptown is urban, diverse, and definitely keeps things interesting.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Uptown's energy is focused along Broadway, a bustling avenue that serves as the neighborhood's main artery. This street is lined with eclectic restaurants and lively venues, including the Aragon Ballroom, The Riviera and The Green Mill, whose marquee lights up the night. Broadway captures the neighborhood's energetic essence, whether you're in the mood for a casual dinner, a thrilling live show, or just a scenic stroll.
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What We Love Most

Uptown’s connectivity is a major draw, with extensive public transportation options including the ‘L’ Red line and multiple bus routes providing easy access to the rest of the city. However, it's the neighborhood’s diversity and its proximity to the Lakefront Trail that truly make it stand out. This blend of urban convenience, natural beauty, and a dash of historic charm make Uptown a compelling place to call home.
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Best Way to Get Around

Dubbed "Asia on Argyle," the area around the Argyle station on the northern stretch of the ‘L’ Redline is filled with flavors from Vietnam, Thailand, and China. A short walk from the station, you can explore grocery stores, bakeries, and sidewalk cafes that promise a culinary adventure. Whether you're commuting or exploring, the ‘L’ Redline offers a reliable north-south route, while the no. 36 bus takes you downtown. For the more active, the nearby Lakefront Trail is perfect for biking or jogging along the shores of Lake Michigan.

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Apartment Buildings in Uptown

927 W Irving Park
927 W Irving Park Rd
Rent starting at
Adobe 4102
4102 N Sheridan Rd
Rent starting at
Ashland Manor
4874 N Ashland Ave
Rent starting at
Buena Shores
833 W Buena Ave
Rent starting at
Clarendon Shores
4750 N Clarendon Ave
Rent starting at
Green Manor
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Park Shores
4304 N Sheridan Rd
Rent starting at
Sheridan Plaza
4607 N Sheridan Rd
Rent starting at
Sheridan Shores
640 W Sheridan Rd
Rent starting at
The Covington
4600 N Clarendon Ave
Rent starting at
The Eagle Building
3833 North Broadway
Rent starting at
The Magnolia at Uptown
4875 N Magnolia Ave
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The Onyx on Carmen
915 W Carmen Ave
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1000 West Dakin
1000 W Dakin St
1002 West Dakin
1002 W Dakin St
1004 West Dakin
1004 W Dakin St
1006 West Dakin
1006 W Dakin St
1100 West Montrose
1100 W Montrose Ave

New Uptown Chicago Apartments for Rent

4180 N Marine Dr #506
4180 N Marine Dr #501
941 W Carmen Ave #409
4715 N Sheridan Rd
5046 N Glenwood Ave #3S
817 W Lakeside Pl #310
4604 N Beacon St #2B
732 W Bittersweet Pl #608
5050 N Sheridan Rd #1203
4600 N Clarendon Ave #1012
4700 N Racine Ave #316
4606 N Beacon St #4B
4180 N Marine Dr #1009
900 W Montrose Ave #1
5009 N Sheridan Rd #STUDIO
4180 N Marine Dr #1112
4611 N Broadway #TWO BEDROOM
948 W Cuyler Ave #302