Renting High Rise Apartments in Chicago

Chicago has blazed a trail for supertall buildings that reach for the sky ever since the John Hancock Center (recently renamed 875 N Michigan) stretched to 100 stories in 1969. In the half-century plus since the Hancock’s completion, a flurry of tall buildings sprang up around the world. Chicago high-rise apartments for rent still benefit from the engineering breakthroughs that helped the Hancock rise to unprecedented heights all those years ago, and they offer renters something beyond the usual list of amenities for apartment buildings with their sweeping views, inspiring profiles and recognizable edifices that take their place among the city’s distinctive skyline. Here are the high-rise apartments for rent on Domu right now for the renters who prefer to live the high life.

Popular High Rise Apartments in Chicago

What Is It Like to Rent in One of the Tallest Apartment Buildings in Chicago?

Renters at some of the tallest apartments in Chicago can get world-class views of city landmarks like Grant Park, Soldier Field, the Merchandise Mart and the glorious blue expanse of Lake Michigan. Renters who call some of the tallest apartment buildings home can easily scope out northwest Indiana from the upper floors of their buildings for added good measure. These views command respect, no doubt about it, but that added height also means that high-rise apartments at the city's newest towers command higher rents as well.

Take the new high-rise apartments for rent at Wolf Point East for example. Renters can see all three branches of the Chicago River from this tower that rises an impressive 60 stories at the confluence of the river's north, south and main branches. Fun fact: the original Chicago civic symbol, the one that looks like a letter 'Y' enclosed within a circle (as opposed to the now-ubiquitous red stars and blue stripes of the Chicago flag) was modeled after this geographic point of interest. Why? Some of the city's first non-native settlers frequented this spot. Wolf Point was the site of Chicago's first hotel in the 1830s. Today, the scene is quite a departure from the rustic wood cabin that served as a gathering point along the city's waterway.

Still, there are affordable apartments to be found in tall Chicago apartment buildings. Densely populated neighborhoods like Chicago's Old Town or the Chicago Gold Coast can offer some relatively affordable studios and 1 bedroom apartments among their many high-rise apartment buildings.