Looking for luxury apartments in Chicago? Being the first to call one of these luxury apartments home can be a truly refreshing feeling. Check out some of the most exciting luxury Chicago apartments to come on to the scene in the past year.

Luxury apartments in downtown Chicago are typically in buildings that are full of modern amenities that residents will want to take advantage of the minute they move in. But Chicago luxury apartments aren't hermetically sealed cocoons, either; folks who want to savor the flavor of the city's vibrant neighborhoods have the option to live in a truly luxurious and uncompromising rental building while being close to all the best spots in town. The options for boutique apartments in neighborhoods such as Lincoln Park and River North offer refreshing alternatives: newly constructed and moderately scaled, close enough to a park or the lakefront so renters can walk to the beach and back in about 30 minutes. And it goes without saying that these upscale apartment interiors are packed with premium finishes. Wheter it's a supreme location in one of Chicago’s most renter-friendly neighborhoods, comfortable apartments with a designer’s eye for detail, or a set of top-notch amenities, Chicago has never been more accommodating to renters who are seeking luxury apartments.