sofa and coffee table in living room area with sunlight from floor-to-ceiling windows in 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Melrose on the Lake, Chicago, IL

Looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago? Get the space you need while finding a place that’s worthy of calling home. Use Domu’s apartment finder to guide your search for 2 bedroom apartments among Chicago’s neighborhoods or throughout the suburbs.

Opting for the extra space can make sense for renters who have particular needs in their apartment search. Of course there is a difference when it comes to rental price, and typically the price is higher as renters are paying more for the additional square footage in a 2 bedroom apartment, but it's not necessarily all bad! The price ...

train viaduct painted with greeting message, "Welcome to Roscoe Village" in Roscoe Village neighborhood, Chicago, IL

Do you know the Walk Score of your favorite Chicago neighborhood? At Domu, we’re constantly looking at interesting facets of life in Chicago apartments. And one of the interesting questions we recently asked was, “How easy is it to get around your Chicago neighborhood if you don’t have a car?”

First, we needed to come up with a list of our favorite Chicago neighborhoods and determine the Walk Score that way, but the term “favorite” is quite subjective. Instead, we looked back at the numbers to guide our analysis.

Looking at apartment listing data from the previous year, we...

June 29, 2018

Guide To The Best Chicago Rooftop Pools

rooftop pool in Gold Coast apartment building Aurelien, Chicago, IL

Chicago apartments with rooftop pools are plentiful. A quick search of Domu will show upwards of 60 apartment buildings that have swimming pools. If you're looking for a place to take a dip without having to leave your building, then these apartments should float your boat.

Not all apartments in Chicago can boast a really world-class rooftop pool scene, though. Domu has rounded up the very tops when it comes to apartment swimming pools in this post. Bonus: a number of these rooftop pools stay open all year, even when it gets cold outside! Which, if you're familiar with this city, is...

window view and sofa in living room of LINEA apartments for rent in Loop Chicago, IL

Trying to find an apartment that's offering a great deal? Take a look at these properties offering deals, some including free rent, as the apartment hunting season starts to kick off because why pay full price on rent if you don't have to? 

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640 N Wells | River North

This River North apartment building is offering renters 2.5 months' free rent on a 20-month...


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