apartment buildings with balconies in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, IL

When a tenant moves into a new Chicago apartment, she or he may need to arrange for utilities like cable, internet, gas or electricity to be transferred into his or her name. Hopefully, by the time the tenant is moving in, he or she will know which utilities are his or her own responsibility to pay, and which will be paid by the landlord -- every Chicago apartment lease should clearly define which utilities will be paid by the tenant directly, which will be paid by the landlord at no additional cost to the tenant, and which will be...

vintage two flat apartment buildings in Avondale, Chicago, IL

No tenant wants to open their mail to find a rent increase letter telling them that the landlord intends to raise the rent at renewal, but landlords shouldn't procrastinate if they intend to do so. For legal and practical reasons, you should let your tenants know as soon as you have decided to raise the rent so that they, in turn, can decide whether they’ll be renewing.

Local regulations require landlords to inform tenants of a rent increase at least 30 days before a lease expires (see Municipal Code Section 5-12-130(j)).  Consider utilities, too – if the current lease provides that...

window view and sofa in living room of LINEA apartments for rent in Loop Chicago, IL

Trying to find an apartment offering free rent? Did you even know that was a thing? Well, for these properties offering deals, some including free rent, it most certainly is! These Chicago apartments are offering renters great incentives to move in today. See the buildings that are making offers in September below.

14 W Elm Apartments | Gold Coast

The second month of your lease term is free if you sign up for a 1-bedroom apartment in September and October (applies only to leases for

infographic with average rental price of 2 bedroom apartments in different Chicago neighborhoods updated August 2018

Find 2 bedroom apartments in Chicago

Looking for 2 Bedroom Apartments in Chicago?

Get the space you need while finding a place that’s worthy of calling home. Use Domu’s apartment finder to guide your search for 2 bedroom apartments among Chicago’s neighborhoods or throughout the suburbs.

Opting for the extra space can make sense for renters who have particular needs in their apartment search. Of course...


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