Chicago Restaurants Open 24 Hours - 2024

Christmas morning, an hour before sunrise, the snow is gusting, the wind is whistling, and you find yourself walking the deserted streets of Chicago craving something caloric and greasy. How you got here is nobody's business. The only question is: are any restaurants open 24 hours near me?  If only you had a guide to Chicago's 24/7/365 restaurants. 

Enter Domu!  Today, your favorite Chicago apartment site is pleased to offer the renters of our beloved city a list of Chicago restaurants open 24 hours.  Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas , or Festivus, we have found at least three dozen local eateries that are open and ready to serve hot food any time of the day, any day of the week, every week of the year. These always-open restaurants are scattered across 26 Chicago neighborhoods. 

We don't rate or endorse restaurants, and we don't guarantee their hours of operation. Keep in mind that these are largely mom-and-pop restaurants, and their hours of operation are always subject to change. 

We should point out that all the restaurants featured on our list offer table service. Restaurants open 24 hours and 365 days solely by virtue of late-night drive-thru's have been omitted because drive-thru's don't count. Nor do hot dogs and reheated pizza at 7-11. 

The White Palace Grill gets special mention for being more than a half-century old, making them members of Domu's  vintage restaurant club,  too. 

With the notion that "close" counts in horseshoes, hand-grenades, and late-night eats, we would be remiss not to mention that Chicago also boasts quite a few dining establishments that describe themselves as "open 24 hours" but which are closed on Thanksgiving or Christmas.  So rather than 86'ing these usually reliable options, we've included them on a list of "honorable mentions," otherwise known as "24/7/363."  But 363 is as low as we go.  Restaurants closed more than two days a year fail to rate. 

24-hour restaurants in Chicago come and go faster than midnight gyros, so please let us know if we've omitted anything from our survey. We want our Chicago apartment-dwelling customers to know as much as possible about their  Chicago neighborhoods!  And next time you see us walking the streets early on Christmas morning, flag us down for some greasy-spoon victuals. Our treat! 


Chicago Restaurants Open 24 Hours that Never Close (24/7/365) 


Arturo's Tacos 

2001 North Western Avenue 


Au Bon Pain 

251 East Huron Street 


Captain Hook's Fish & Chicken 

8550 South Cottage Grove Avenue 


Chavas Tacos 

2333 West Grand Ave 

Noble Square 

Diner Grill 

1635 West Irving Park Road 

Graceland West 

Golden Apple Restaurant 

2971 North Lincoln Avenue 


Golden Nugget Pancake House 

2406 West Diversey Parkway 


Griddle 24 

334   West Chicago Ave 

River North 

International House of Pancakes 

4210 North Cicero Avenue 

Portage Park 

Jeri's Gill

4357 North Western Avenue


Jim's Original

1250 South Union Avenue


Maxwell Street Depot 

411 West 31st Street 


Steak 'n' Egger 

1174 West Cermak Road 



753 West 31st Street 


Taco Burrito King  5509 North Harlem Avenue  Norwood Park
White Palace Grill  1159 South Canal Street  South Loop 


Honorable Mentions - Chicago Restaurants Open 24/7/363


Don's Grill 

1837 South Western Avenue 


G&N The King of Breakfast 

5100 West North Avenue 


Huck Finn Restaurant 

6650 South Pulaski Road 

West Lawn 

International House of Pancakes 

3760 North Halsted Street 


Lawrence's Fish and Shrimp 

2120 South Canal Street 


Lindo Guadalajara 

4761 North Clark Street 

Sheridan Park 


1951 North Western Avenue 



4158 South Ashland Avenue 

Back of the Yards 

White Castle 

11050 South Halsted 

Morgan Park 

White Castle 

1400 West 79th Street 

Auburn Gresham 

White Castle 

1550 East 79th Street 

Auburn Gresham 

White Castle 

2140 South Wabash Avenue 

South Loop 

White Castle 

3132 North Harlem Avenue 


White Castle 

3205 South Ashland 

McKinley Park 

White Castle 

3212 West Addison 

Irving Park 

White Castle 

3457 South King Drive 


White Castle 

4750 West 63rd Street 


White Castle 

5618 West North Avenue 


White Castle 

7550 North Harlem Avenue 

Edison Park 

White Castle 

6901 South Western Avenue 

Chicago Lawn