Humboldt Park Apartments

At a Glance
Apartments for rent in Humboldt Park Chicago are typically found in subdivided single-family homes or vintage courtyard buildings. Humboldt apartments for rent can lease up quickly in this highly desired and affordable neighborhood.
Neighborhood Vibe
Apartments in Humboldt Park Chicago are in the Midwest’s de facto capital of Puerto Rican culture. It’s a densely-populated community of about 81,000 residents, and murals adorn the sides of buildings throughout the neighborhood.
Heart of the Neighborhood
You know you’ve arrived in Humboldt Park when you pass beneath either of the 59-foot, 45-ton metal Puerto Rican flags that heralds the Paseo Boricua, or “Little Puerto Rico,” a stretch of Division Street between Western and California Avenues.
What We Love
Hip-hop, salsa, reggaeton, and bomba music drift out of open windows. Art is everywhere in Humboldt Park. The oldest exterior Puerto Rican mural in Chicago, “La Crucifixion de Don Pedro Albizu Campos,” dates from 1971 and was recently saved from demolition by community activists.
Best Way to Get Around
CTA buses run along the four major thoroughfares in Humboldt Park -- Chicago, Division, North and Armitage. Cyclists are advised to steer clear of busy Western Avenue, but California Avenue is a pleasant ride and the boulevards, as well as the paths crisscrossing the massive park, are supremely bike friendly.
About Humboldt Park
Apartments for rent in Humboldt Park Chicago are in a neighborhood that’s named for a 207-acre park, one of the brightest gems on the “emerald necklace,” the interconnected ring of parks and boulevards designed by Chicago urban planners during the 19th Century. Humboldt Park enjoys all the attributes of quality recreational space: bike paths, tennis courts, baseball diamonds and playgrounds; although it’s the extras -- winding roads, a lagoon, cloisters, fountains and statues -- that make it an exceptional public park.
Dining in Humboldt Park
Humboldt Park apartments are near restaurants that serve the best Puerto Rican food in the city, including mofongo (fried, mashed plantains often stuffed with meats and vegetables) and lechón (roast suckling pig).
Nightlife in Humboldt Park
The California Clipper is a neighborhood mainstay with live music, a lounge-y vibe and strong drink specials throughout the week. Most of the bars and late-night spots in Humboldt Park are decidedly casual.
History in Humboldt Park
Jimmy's Red Hots has been at the corner of Grand and Pulaski Streets, 4000 West Grand Avenue, serving those who live in Humboldt Park apartments and beyond since 1954. The hot dogs are renowned. The decor is not. But let’s be honest, the only thing that matters is a clean kitchen and a friendly staff. There's no seating -- just a narrow passage allowing a few customers to stand and gaze out the window while they eat. The menu can be described as minimalist, consisting only of a Polish sausage, a hot dog, a tamale, and twice-sizzled french fries. Unlike most of its Chicago-style rivals, Jimmy's red hots can actually be seen and tasted. They are not so overly-smothered with toppings that you need a bounty hunter to find the beef. But take note: Jimmy's does not tolerate ketchup. Not on the side, not in a bottle, not in a packet, not in a house, not with a mouse. Ketchup is sacrilege. As they say at Jimmy's Red Hots, “Don't even think about it.”
Frank Farrguia, the patriarch of this Chicago institution, likes to say, "If you're not going to eat it yourself, then don't dare serve it." Frank is understandably proud of his red hots, but prefers to boast of his other accomplishments: He has twice delivered babies at the restaurant. On one occasion, the customers came and went by stepping over a woman who was lying in the doorway, suffering through painful contractions.

Typical rents

1 Bedroom$800-2439
2 Bedrooms$1300-2200
3 Bedrooms$1400-2350
4+ Bedrooms$2500
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