Free Apartment Rent and Move In Specials Right Now

Are you trying to find an apartment offering free rent? Did you even know that was a thing? Well, for these properties offering deals, some including free rent, it most certainly is! These Chicago apartments are offering renters great incentives to move in today. Rent concessions and other promotional offers have caught on with Chicago apartments in recent years -- especially in new apartment buildings.  View now all of the apartments in Chicago that offer sweet deals like free rent, waived admin fees, and other bonuses.

Free-rent and other deals are becoming a common incentive among Chicago apartments. Properties are extending these generous offers in the hopes that renters will sign up with less hesitation, and in many cases, the apartment lease terms are lengthier than traditional ones. It’s common to see buildings extend an offer of one or two months’ free rent when renters sign on for more than 12 months.

Other common incentives include waiving administrative fees or additional move-in fees when renters decide to sign the apartment lease at one of these properties offering promotional deals.