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The Chicago Loop apartments are the place to find cutting-edge skyscrapers nestled alongside classic late-19th century architecture. It’s a tableau of Chicago’s colorful past peppered with some of the boldest visions for its future. 
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Heart of the Neighborhood

The Loop Chicago name is inspired by the elevated train lines that loop around the central business district. The city’s grid-like street system builds outward from its “zero point” in the heart of the Loop. All addresses in the city signify the building’s distance from the official starting point at Madison Street and State Street.
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What We Love Most

The multi-level restaurant experience at the Italian Village is a favorite among Loop lunch hour crowds, and it’s across the street from the famous Four Seasons mosaic artwork by Marc Chagall.
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Best Way to Get Around

Chicago Loop apartments are centrally located, and all roads (and most trains) run into the Loop. The name for this neighborhood kinda says it all: getting to an ‘L’ stop is never too difficult within the Loop because of the ring of elevated train lines, plus two subway routes, that encircle the neighborhood.

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Apartment Buildings in Chicago Loop

1120 North LaSalle
1120 N La Salle St
Rent starting at
AMLI 900
900 S Clark St
Rent starting at
Aqua at Lakeshore East
225 N Columbus Dr
Rent starting at
455 E Waterside Dr
Rent starting at
Millie on Michigan
88 E Wacker Pl
Rent starting at
124 West Polk
124 W Polk St
200 North Dearborn
200 N Dearborn St
Rent starting at
215 West
215 W Washington St
Rent starting at
235 West Van Buren
235 W Van Buren St
30 East Student
30 E Balbo Ave
330 South Wells
330 S Wells St
340 On The Park
340 E Randolph St
400 East Randolph
400 E Randolph St
410 S Wabash
410 S Wabash Ave
525 South Dearborn
525-537 S Dearborn St
565 West Quincy
565 W Quincy St
566 West Van Buren
566 W Van Buren St
633 South LaSalle Co-Living
633 S La Salle St

New Chicago Loop Chicago Apartments for Rent

201 N Garland Ct #1810
201 N Garland Ct #708
201 N Garland Ct #712
210 N Wells St #ID699
210 N Wells St #ID247
210 N Wells St #ID238
330 S Wells St #ID210
330 S Wells St #ID194
330 S Wells St #ID668
363 E Wacker Dr #4802
363 E Wacker Dr #1507
343 S Dearborn St #ID710
60 E Benton Pl #ID370
343 S Dearborn St #ID813
201 N Garland Ct #ID240
210 N Wells St #ID232
343 S Dearborn St #ID319
210 N Wells St #ID721