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If you’re a foodie, Edgewater will feel like home. This neighborhood is a paradise for those who love to explore international cuisines, with a plethora of global dining options just a short walk from your doorstep. It’s a real treat for anyone with adventurous taste buds.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Broadway is the pulsing artery of Edgewater, lined with an eclectic mix of quirky shops and cozy family-run restaurants. But the real gems are the neighborhood's beaches. From Hollywood Ave to Montrose Harbor, the sandy shores are the place to be during the summer months, offering residents a scenic escape from the urban hustle.
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What We Love Most

For lovers of all things vintage, Edgewater is like finding a buried treasure. The area hosts a monthly garage sale in a parking lot along Broadway, where vintage furniture finds abound. It's easy to spend a day treasure hunting through the thrift shops, with plenty of delicious food stops on the northern stretch of Broadway to fuel your explorations. This blend of shopping and dining defines the unique charm of Edgewater.
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Best Way to Get Around

Thanks to excellent public transit options, getting around Edgewater couldn’t be easier. The Lakefront Trail is a favorite for cyclists, providing a swift, scenic route downtown. Drivers have easy access to Lake Shore Drive via several on-ramps. For those who prefer public transportation, the ‘L’ Red Line serves the area well, with multiple stops across Edgewater, complemented by the No. 36 CTA bus that navigates through the neighborhood.

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5729 N Ridge Ave #Garden
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5050 N Broadway #451
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941 W Carmen Ave #403
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