Find Your Perfect Chicago 3 Bedroom Rental Apartment

See what the apartment landscape looks like and get all the living space and storage you’ll need in your next home. 3 bedroom apartments in Chicago could be the solution to your storage needs or simply an efficient way of sharing the cost of renting an apartment. Browse available 3 bedroom apartments for rent below.  

The boom of new apartment construction has mostly concentrated in Chicago's downtown core neighborhoods, and even though many of the newly built apartment buildings concentrate on smaller apartments with less square footage, many of the legacy apartment buildings in Chicago's various neighborhoods have plenty of 3 bedroom apartments for rent.

Classic Chicago apartment types, such as the familiar two- and three-flat apartment design, proliferate the neighborhoods a bit further out from the city's center. And these vintage apartment buildings, if they've maintained their original floorplans, typically include 3 bedroom apartmets. If renters are looking for something in a more contemporary style, plenty of duplexes, townhomes, and single family homes also fit the bill for rental properties containing 3 bedrooms or more.

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