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Neighborhood Vibe

Lincoln Square apartments offer the best of both worlds: a charming, cozy neighborhood feel without being overly dense. The tree-lined streets are graced with a delightful mix of single-family homes, vintage 2-3 flats, and well-maintained medium-sized apartment buildings. It's an inviting community that blends urban living with suburban comfort.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

At the soul of Lincoln Square lies its namesake plaza, which takes you back in time with its small-town ambiance. This traffic-controlled, one-way street is the beating heart of the neighborhood, where locals gather to enjoy a true sense of community. Whether grabbing a coffee, browsing the local shops, or just soaking in the lively atmosphere, Lincoln Square feels plucked straight from a storybook.
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What We Love Most

One of the biggest highlights of living in Lincoln Square is the neighborhood's annual Oktoberfest celebration, a beloved tradition that pays tribute to the area's German heritage. Each fall, you'll find Lincoln Square transforming into a lively Bavarian village, complete with flowy beer steins, traditional music, and plenty of pretzels and sausages to go around. It's the ultimate chance for diners and dancers alike to don their lederhosen, raise a glass, and joyfully exclaim, "Prost!"
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Best Way to Get Around

Renting an apartment in Lincoln Square puts you steps away from the CTA Brown Line station at the intersection of Western and Lincoln Avenues; how's that for convenient? The neighborhood is also served by buses like the #49 Western and #81 Lawrence, which can whisk you to other parts of the city. Or, you can embrace a more active lifestyle and bike along Lincoln Square's many cycling-friendly streets.

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Apartment Buildings in Lincoln Square

2020 West Montrose
2020 W Montrose Ave
2100-12 West Ainslie
2100 W Ainslie St
2150 W Lawrence
2150 W Lawrence Ave
2201-09 West Eastwood
2201 W Eastwood Ave
2520 West Leland
2520 W Leland Ave
2557 West Montrose
2557-65 W Montrose Ave
4508 North Damen
4508 N Damen Ave.
4535-45 N. Hamilton
4535 N Hamilton Ave
4542 N Maplewood
4542 N Maplewood Ave
4546 North Damen
4546 N Damen Ave
4551-4553 N Claremont
4551-4553 N Claremont Ave
4601 North Western
4601 N Western Ave
4601-09 North Lincoln
4601 N Lincoln Ave
4615-25 N Leavitt
4615-25 N Leavitt St
4756 North Maplewood
4756 N Maplewood Ave
4801-4809 North Fairfield
4801-09 N Fairfield Ave
4867-71 N Washtenaw
4867-71 N Washtenaw Ave
5139-49 North Lincoln
5139-49 N Lincoln Ave

New Lincoln Square Chicago Apartments for Rent

4414 N Rockwell St #3
2000 W Foster Ave #2010-1B
2229 W Wilson Ave #2233-3
4927 N Claremont Ave #301
4546 N Damen Ave #305
4546 N Damen Ave #108
2112 W Ainslie St #1N
2201 W Eastwood Ave #1E
2110 W Ainslie St #2N
2209 W Eastwood Ave #1N
2203 W Eastwood Ave #1SE
2203 W Eastwood Ave #1SW
2244 W Wilson Ave #209
2305 W Wilson Ave #3F
4844 N Rockwell St #2610G-3R
4731 N Western Ave #206
4725 N Lincoln Ave #3E
4927 N Claremont Ave #GDN-4