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Lincoln Square apartments are in a charming community with a solid mix of single-family homes, 2- and 3-flat apartments, and medium-sized buildings, making Lincoln Square a cozy neighborhood for apartments without being overly dense. 
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Lincoln Square Chicago gets its name from the 16th President of the United States, and the namesake square is where it all happens on any given day. With a traffic-controlled one-way street, this community gathering spot feels plucked right out of a small town.
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What We Love Most

Lincoln Square is the epicenter of Chicago’s annual Oktoberfest celebrations, owing mainly to the neighborhood’s roots as a settling ground for German-speaking immigrants in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Diners and dancers looking for a chance to don lederhosen and say, “Prost!” will find plenty to do in Lincoln Square Chicago every autumn.
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Best Way to Get Around

Lincoln Square apartments are near a conveniently located CTA 'L' Brown line stop where Western and Lincoln Ave meet. The no. 49 Western Ave bus is easily accessible, and the no. 81 Lawrence Ave bus spans a good stretch of the Lincoln Square neighborhood. The neighborhood also has many miles of bike-friendly streets.

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Apartment Buildings in Lincoln Square

2100-12 West Ainslie
2100 W Ainslie St
Rent starting at
2201-09 West Eastwood
2201 W Eastwood Ave
Rent starting at
4546 North Damen
4546 N Damen Ave
Rent starting at
4601-09 North Lincoln
4601 N Lincoln Ave
Rent starting at
The Convent
4927 N Claremont Ave
Rent starting at
2020 West Montrose
2020 W Montrose Ave
2150 W Lawrence
2150 W Lawrence Ave
Rent starting at
2520 West Leland
2520 W Leland Ave
2557 West Montrose
2557-65 W Montrose Ave
4508 North Damen
4508 N Damen Ave.
4535-45 N. Hamilton
4535 N Hamilton Ave
4542 N Maplewood
4542 N Maplewood Ave
4551-4553 N Claremont
4551-4553 N Claremont Ave
4601 North Western
4601 N Western Ave
4615-25 N Leavitt
4615-25 N Leavitt St
4756 North Maplewood
4756 N Maplewood Ave
4801-4809 North Fairfield
4801-09 N Fairfield Ave
4867-71 N Washtenaw
4867-71 N Washtenaw Ave

New Lincoln Square Chicago Apartments for Rent

2010 W Foster Ave #2C
2136 W Montrose Ave #2
2244 W Wilson Ave #102
2544 W Carmen Ave #B
4541 N Leavitt St #1
4535 N Leavitt St #G
5160 N Leavitt St #3
4717 N Leavitt St #3
4655 N Lincoln Ave #2S
4402 N Rockwell St #2
4731 N Western Ave #205
2016 W Ainslie St #2
2235 W Wilson Ave #3
2026 W Montrose Ave #3B
4655 N Lincoln Ave #2S
4903 N Seeley Ave #3
2244 W Wilson Ave #103
2244 W Wilson Ave #310