Frequently Asked Questions

Listing Your Apartment
on Domu – The Basics

How can I have the most success on Domu?

1.    Post great photos (Related: Domu’s Guide to Great Apartment Photos). Domu requires at least one photo to publish your listing. You can save the unpublished listing without photos and add them later.

2.    Price the unit competitively (Related: How Do I Price My Unit?)

3.    Post an accurate, concise description & make sure to highlight things that you think tenants would be most interested to know first. For example, “2-bedroom apartment in heart of Lincoln Park with balcony and available parking spot.”

4.    Highlight any special offers such as 1 month of free rent, parking spot included with rent, utilities included with rent, etc.

How do I post a listing?

1.      Click the “List an Apartment” button

2.      Create an account

3.      Enter all unit information

4.      Upload at least 1 image

5.      Check out

Will you post my listing to other websites?

No. Domu does not post listings on other websites.

Who can list an apartment for rent on Domu?

Domu is an apartment website for Chicago — everyone from big management companies down to the individual landlord. They all need tenants and Domu has them.

Can I list an apartment sublease?

Sure! Short-term rentals are welcome on Domu. No matter the lease term, all listings get the same treatment on Domu and reach Chicagoans in search of their next home.

How do I post a room for rent?

When posting a room for rent, make a note of this in the description and only advertise the number of rooms that are available, not the number contained in the entire unit.

After Your Listing
Goes Live on Domu
– How It Works

What happens to my listing if I rent my unit prior to the listing’s expiration date?

If you’re certain that your unit is rented prior to the listing’s expiration date, we recommend that you deactivate it. To do this, log into your account and click and click the “deactivate” icon next to the listing you want to unpublish.

Can I edit my listing after it is posted?

Yes, if you go to your main account page and click “my listings,” then the “edit” button, you can edit your listing at any time.

Where do my leads go?

Email leads will be delivered directly to the email address you added when you created the listing. A copy of these leads will also be stored in your account under the “Leads” tab. If you opt to show your phone number, renters may call or text you directly.

Once my unit’s rented, what next?

You can check out our Resources for Landlords page for valuable info on topics such as credit screening, free forms and more helpful advice.

How quickly will my listing appear in the search results?

Listings can take up to 20 minutes to post to the main search page.

How do I view my listing activity?

Open your listing from your account and click the “activity” button located at the top. You can see the number of pageviews, number of emails, number of times a potential renter has viewed your phone number, and the number of times your listing was added to a favorite list.

Do you offer refunds or credits?

Domu does not provide refunds unless a duplicate listing was mistakenly purchased. To be eligible for a refund in this circumstance, you must notify Domu of the error within two business days of the purchase. No credits or refunds will be issued for any unused listing time.