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Welcome to Logan Square, a neighborhood that's blossomed beautifully over the past decade. Transitioning from a working-class enclave, it's now home to artists, chefs, and bohemian spirits wanting their own slice of Chicago happiness. The neighborhood's charm is showcased in its classic greystone buildings along Logan Boulevard, stately mansions, and vintage courtyard buildings lining the picturesque boulevards. Quiet side streets are dotted with welcoming single-family homes, creating a homey atmosphere as you wander to local cafes or the weekend farmer's market. With a beautiful blend of historic charm and modern appeal, Logan Square is a sought-after spot for renters seeking a lively yet laid-back lifestyle.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Palmer Square Park is where everything, and everyone, comes together in Logan Square. This seven-acre green gem was planned back in the 1870s, and it's been a favorite chill spot in the neighborhood ever since. On any given day, you’ll find folks sprawled out with picnic blankets, lost in the pages of a good book, or just taking a moment to enjoy the peace away from the hustle of city life. It’s our little oasis where everyone—from joggers to young families and everyone in between—comes together.
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What We Love Most

Logan Square is like the artsy friend who never runs out of cool ideas. This neighborhood is filled sidewalk to sidewalk with creativity, especially during the Logan Square Arts Festival, where music and art turn the area into a live gallery every summer. It's also home to Humboldt Park, where you can chill on the grass or join a pickup game. Then there's the Comfort Station, an old trolley stop turned into a quirky art space that's always got something fun going on. And while the many apartments in Logan Square, from stylish modern lofts to charming vintage homes, make this neighborhood appealing to many, it's the overall sense of inclusivity that makes living here special.
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Best Way to Get Around

The CTA Blue Line is the neighborhood's direct link to downtown Chicago and O'Hare Airport, perfect for quick trips or daily commutes. For local travel, the buses on Kedzie Ave and Fullerton Ave have you covered for just about any short jaunt. If you prefer pedaling to riding, you'll appreciate the bike-friendly streets and scenic 606 trail that skirts the neighborhood's southern edge.

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