Find Chicago Furnished Apartments

Move right into these furnished apartments for rent! No need to lug a bunch of furniture when you go for these furnished apartments or condos in Chicago and the suburbs. Sort this list by price, square footage or look for a place with the furnishings to match your designer’s eye.  Apartment renters who are moving to Chicago and don’t want to commit to a long-term lease agreement can frequently find a furnished apartment that will be the perfect place to arrive, then take stock of the city’s shopping and transportation layout, and decide to make the move to a new place whenever the time is right. But these furnished places are a smart alternative during the interim.

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How Much Are Furnished Apartments For Rent In Chicago?

Many Chicago furnished apartments are clustered around the central neighborhoods surrounding downtown Chicago and the Loop, such as River North, West Loop, South Loop and River West.  Furnished apartments can vary by price depending on several factors: proximity to the loop, quality of the furnishings, and length of the lease.  The longer the lease the more flexible a landlord of a furnished apartment will be might be on rent price.

What Is Included In A Furnished Apartment In Chicago?

Furnished apartments for rent will typically come with the large furniture pieces in place, such as a sofa, mattress, bed frame, dining table and chairs. Sometimes there are furnished rentals with dishes, cooking utensils and cleaning supplies included. Renters may even find furnished apartments with TVs and high-speed Internet ready to go -- it’s the definition of hassle-free renting. Furnished rentals are not the same as hotels or short-term corporate housing. Renting an apartment with furnishings already in it and utilities hooked up is a time-saving measure for renters who just need a place to get situated and be comfortable. The lease may be available for renewal after a matter of weeks or it may last up to a year. That will depend on the type of lease agreement that your Chicago landlord wants to sign.