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Given the name, Gold Coast probably conjures up images of beautiful architecture, opulent lifestyles, and an air of sophistication, and you wouldn’t be wrong! This neighborhood is a dazzling mix of historic charm and modern luxury, where Michelin-starred restaurants and designer shops wind around the lakefront. From the impeccably preserved mansions that line the historic districts to the sleek, contemporary condos with their stunning lake views, the Gold Coast truly lives up to its gilded name. It’s a place where tradition and trend intersect, offering residents a taste of the high life in one of Chicago’s most coveted locales.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

The Gold Coast truly shines along Walton and Oak streets, checkered with upscale boutiques interspersed with luxury apartments. This area is a fashionista playground, where high-end international designers and exclusive boutiques attract the style-savvy. Just a block over on Rush Street, the scene shifts to decadent dining, with pressed tablecloths and leatherbound menus making way for dishes plated by master chefs. This neighborhood doesn’t skimp on class or cash, and whether you’re window shopping or expanding your wardrobe (and belly!), Gold Coast is synonymous with quality.
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What We Love Most

The Gold Coast's culinary scene is a standout, especially along Rush Street northward, where some of Chicago’s finest steak and seafood restaurants await with open arms. After dinner, the area’s cocktail bars and nightclubs are filled to the brim, where champagne-sippers show off their newest threads. Most enticing of all are the historic mansions on Astor, Goethe, and Schiller streets, once the stomping grounds of Chicago’s wealthiest tycoons, which now stand side-by-side with sleek, modern buildings filled with up-and-coming young professionals. Gold Coast might be one of the swankier neighborhoods in Chicago, but with the cost comes quality, and Gold Coast apartments are some of the best in the area.
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Best Way to Get Around

In the Gold Coast, your own two feet are your best transport. The neighborhood is perfectly walkable, with everything you need just a stroll away. If you’re heading out of the neighborhood, Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Avenue are the scenic routes, and while the public transit options are superb with endless CTA bus routes and the nearby ‘L’ Red Line stations at Clark/Division and Grand make getting to and from other parts of the city easy.

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Apartment Buildings in Gold Coast

100 West Chestnut
100 W Chestnut St
Rent starting at
1000 N. LaSalle
1000 N La Salle Dr
Rent starting at
1111 North Dearborn
1111 N Dearborn St
Rent starting at
1120 North LaSalle
1120 N La Salle St
Rent starting at
1133 North Dearborn
1133 N Dearborn St
Rent starting at
14 West Elm
14 W Elm St
Rent starting at
55 West Chestnut
55 W Chestnut St
Rent starting at
65 East Scott
65 E Scott St
Rent starting at
750 North Rush
750 N Rush St
Rent starting at
8 East Huron
8 E Huron St
Rent starting at
AMLI 808
808 N Wells St
Rent starting at
Astor House
1340 N Astor St
Rent starting at
Exhibit on Superior
165 W Superior St
Rent starting at
751 N Hudson Ave
Rent starting at
One Chicago
14 W Superior St
Rent starting at
The Chatelaine
215 E Chestnut St
Rent starting at
The Oliver on LaSalle
1140 N La Salle Dr
Rent starting at
1 E Schiller
1 E Schiller Ave

New Gold Coast Chicago Apartments for Rent

20 E Scott St #ID260
750 N Rush St #ID133
57 E Delaware Pl #2203
108 W Chicago Ave #ID358
111 E Chestnut St #16K
1221 N Dearborn St #402N
1220 N La Salle Dr #5H
1220 N La Salle Dr #2D
1220 N La Salle Dr #3B
1220 N Dearborn St #2A
20 E Scott St #ID129
1347 N Dearborn St #206
1446 N Dearborn St #5C
1425 N Dearborn St #4A
1446 N Dearborn St #4E
1216 N Dearborn St #1B
1425 N Dearborn St #3C
1164 N Dearborn St #305