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Neighborhood Vibe

Tune into Ukrainian Village and you'll pick up a unique wavelength. It's a mix of old-school grit and new-school cool, where babcias (grandmothers, for the non-polish speaking) gossiping on stoops are as common as tattooed baristas debating cold brew techniques. The air here is thick with the smell of fresh bread, hints of Eastern European spices, and just a whiff of artistic ambition. The streets are lined with beautiful brick buildings, vintage walk-ups, and a few modern mid-rises among century-old churches, giving renters plenty of options to choose from.
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Heart of the Neighborhood

Chicago Avenue is where Ukrainian Village really flexes. This stretch is a mishmash of eras and cultures, where you’ll find hipster beard oil next to hand-painted Ukrainian Easter eggs. It's the kind of street where you might start your day with avocado toast and end it with a hearty bowl of borscht.
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What We Love Most

In Ukrainian Village, it’s that perfect alchemy of old and new that is appealing to so many. Where else can you admire century-old domed churches, then duck into a speakeasy hidden behind a laundromat? From restaurants showing off recipes handed down through generations to cutting-edge art galleries, this neighborhood is a living, breathing example of how history and modernity can coexist beautifully.
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Best Way to Get Around

Feet are your best friends here. The 'hood is compact enough that you can cover it on foot, discovering its quirks along the way. Bikes are big too and you'll see fixies and vintage cruisers locked up all over. Buses ride all around the area if you need to venture further, and the Blue Line isn't far when the Loop calls. Having a car is entirely optional, and with the beautiful murals and hidden spots waiting to be discovered, it's a place best experienced at a leisurely pace.

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Apartment Buildings in Ukrainian Village

1936 West Thomas
1936 W Thomas St
1952 West Erie
1952 W Erie St
1952 West Ohio
1952-56 W Ohio St
2134 West Iowa
2134 W Iowa St
2151-53 Division
2151 W Division St
725 North Hoyne
725 N Hoyne Ave
909 N Leavitt
909 N Leavitt St
Common Damen (Rent by Room)
2048 W Chicago Ave
Cortland Flats #2
3043 W Cortland St

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646 N Damen Ave #1R
1140 N Winchester Ave #3R
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1129 N Winchester Ave #1F
2231 W Walton #2
2019 W Iowa #2R
907 N Damen Ave #301
825 N Oakley Blvd #G
2134 W Iowa St #1R
2132 W Iowa St #1R
2231 W Walton St #2
2027 W Division St #4
1022 N Damen Ave #7
Western & #2
Western & #3
1022 N Damen Ave #1022-7
2131 W Division St #3F