Am I Allowed to Sublease My Chicago Apartment?

In most cases, your landlord can't stop you from subleasing a Chicago apartment, so long as you find a subtenant who meets the landlord's reasonable requirements. Chicago’s Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance (CRLTO) requires landlords to accept a reasonable sublease without an additional fee (Section 5-12-120). If your landlord used the free apartment lease provided by Domu, you will have to seek the landlord's consent before papering the sublet (see Section 15 of the Domu model apartment lease).  The CRLTO does not explain what a "reasonable sublease" means. Still, the landlord can likely make the same credit, employment, or rental history requirements for any subtenant that they did for the original tenancy. 

In certain instances, both the landlord and the tenant may be able to negotiate an agreement that will allow for early termination of the apartment lease in return for an additional payment by the tenant. If you negotiate a deal like this, be certain to get all the details in writing signed by the tenant and the landlord.

The general information that Domu provides about Chicago landlord tenant law is not intended as legal advice. Domu endeavors to provide accurate information, but the law is subject to change, and Domu is not a law firm or provider of legal services. Questions about your particular leasing situation should be directed to a lawyer.