How To Find Cheap Apartments in Chicago?

Are you looking for cheap apartments? Start looking here. In Chicago, several popular Chicago neighborhoods include Uptown, Portage Park, Pilsen, Avondale, and Rogers Park. But take a look around and see the wide range of neighborhoods, unit types, and buildings with cheap apartments.

The Chicago neighborhoods that contain the most affordable apartments on Domu tend to be located on the Northwest Side, Southwest Side, or Far North Side of the city. To name a few examples, the neighborhoods of Portage Park, Edgewater, Uptown, Rogers Park, North Lawndale, Pilsen, and Avondale tend to rank among the most affordable neighborhoods in Chicago. For more guidance on how much renters should be spending on their apartments, they can always consult the rent calculator for a better idea of the rental range that won't overstretch a budget.

The affordability of places in Chicago doesn’t necessarily detract from a neighborhood’s walkability or curb appeal. Despite being a little bit outside the core downtown area of Chicago, these neighborhoods with more affordable apartments can still feel very warm and inviting. Many cheap studio apartments are among the most affordable in the city, and these older buildings exude a good deal of charm. Brick construction with glazed terra cotta accents and details is a common form factor for many of Chicago’s affordable apartments. The proliferation of radiator heat is another element that presents a cost-saving measure to renters in Chicago while certainly vintage in appearance. Free heat keeps the apartment rent down and limits out-of-pocket expenses during the winter, which tends to last a while in Chicago. Many neighborhoods in Chicago have free street parking (although residents must remember to purchase their city vehicle sticker to avoid tickets), which can help limit expenses for renters who own a car.

How Much Are Cheap Apartments In Chicago?

What makes an apartment in Chicago match the criteria for being "cheap?" take a look at the selection of cheap Chicago apartments. This list includes apartments in all makes, shapes, and sizes from various neighborhoods. The list selects apartments that are available across the city of Chicago and rent for less than $1,500 per month, and generally, cheap studio apartments are found near downtown. Of course, renters will have different budgets in mind when they're searching for cheap apartments -- and it should be noted that there's no one-size-fits-all definition.

The majority of apartments for rent in Chicago are affordable apartments. Using the search criteria of $1,500 per month or less, about 60% of the city’s listings meet this threshold for a cheap apartment or condo for rent. That’s not to say that rents are trending downward in Chicago. Many neighborhoods have experienced rising rents in the past decade. However, if renters are searching for an apartment based on price alone, they will still find many affordable apartments all around the city, mainly studio apartments. Given the nature of rising rents and newer properties concentrated in the downtown neighborhoods of Chicago, the most affordable places are farther out from downtown.