Where Can I Find Short-Term Rentals in Chicago?

This is an excellent place to start if you search for Chicago apartments with short-term lease terms. Chicago sublets, or lease agreements shorter than 12 months, can be found all over the city. The Chicago neighborhoods closer to downtown might have a higher percentage. This broadly comes down to easier access to offices and other commercial real estate in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. Many people hoping to find a short-term rental in Chicago might be relocating for work purposes, and having an apartment close to downtown serves this type of renter well.

There are numerous other options for short-term lease apartments happening outside of downtown. Studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedrooms, three bedrooms, and beyond can be found with lease terms of less than 12 months. Students who need flexible lease dates and search for a short-term lease can find apartments near Chicago’s university campuses, including Loyola University in Rogers Park and The University of Chicago in Hyde Park.

Are you only looking for an apartment in Chicago for a short time? Find Chicago short-term rentals and find a flexible apartment to match your schedule. Browse these sublets and short-term apartment rentals in Chicago and the suburbs.

How Long are Short-Term Rentals?

Renters who want the flexibility to move apartments within a calendar year might consider short-term lease apartments as their best bet. Why? Because many of the apartments offering a short-term lease in Chicago ask for a commitment of fewer than 12 months, especially sublets in Chicago. Common short-term leases will advertise lease terms of 9 months, six months, or three months. Finding short-term rentals for as few as 30 days is less common, but it's not impossible. Many apartment landlords and property managers would prefer that their short-term apartments have a tenant commit to at least three months in a given short-term lease, so they don't have to turn around and re-list the apartment in a short time.

How Do I Find Short-Term Furnished Rentals in Chicago?

Short-term furnished rentals in Chicago are available among the apartment listings. Furnished short-term rentals are a common leasing option among Chicago's co-living communities, wherein renters lease their rooms (typically with their private ensuite bathroom). Still, the common spaces are shared among other renters. The common areas in co-living communities almost always come fully furnished. Some co-living communities even come fully stocked with cleaning supplies or cleaning services. Looking for more options, try exploring coliving apartments as these provide short-term, furnished apartments.

What's the Difference Between a Short-Term Rental and a Sublet in Chicago?

Short-term lease apartments in Chicago are different from subleases. In simplified terms, a sublease means that the original tenant, for whatever reason, cannot occupy the place they're currently renting, and they seek out a subletter who can take over the remainder of the lease term. At the end of the sublease, the subletter may have the option to renew the lease for a full term, or they may not. A short-term lease is usually intended to be rented by the same person for the duration of the lease -- it's just that the lease term is shorter than most standard 12-month leases. 

Are There Month-to-Month Short-Term Rentals in Chicago?

Chicago allows month-to-month apartment leases. These aren't always the same as short-term lease apartments, though. Short-term lease apartments in Chicago don't always have as much flexibility, so if renters are set to find month-to-month leases, they should ask the landlord if they're considering such an arrangement while negotiating the lease. The option with the most flexibility is the month-to-month lease agreement.