Search short term rentals in Chicago and find the apartment that is flexible enough to match your schedule. Only looking for an apartment in Chicago or a short time? Browse short term apartment leases in Chicago and the suburbs.

If you’re searching for Chicago apartments that have flexible lease terms then this is a good place to start. Apartments for rent in Chicago that are short term rentals, or lease agreements shorter than 12 months, can be found all over the city. The neighborhoods closer to downtown might have a higher percentage of the short term apartment rentals in Chicago, and this broadly comes down to their having easier access to offices and other commercial real estate in the heart of Chicago’s Loop. Many people hoping to find short term rentals in Chicago might be relocating for work purposes and having an apartment close to downtown serves this type of renter well.

There are numerous other options for short term apartment leases happening outside of downtown. Studios, 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms and beyond can be found with lease terms less than 12 months. Students who need flexible lease dates and are searching for short term rentals can find apartments near Chicago’s university campuses, including Loyola University in Rogers Park and The University of Chicago in Hyde Park.

Renters who are looking for sublease opportunities can search the breadth and span of the city and find something practically everywhere. Unfamiliar with the apartment sublease process? Read up about the rules for Chicago subleases here.