January 7, 2020 Properties

Chicago Apartments to Tackle New Year's Resolutions in 2020

A new year has come around and with it the expectations of New Year's Resolutions. While many Chicago apartment renters make a modest list of resolutions that could be as simple as "stay organized" or "don't spend a fortune on takeout this year" (we know, that's a tough one), some renters will come up with resolutions that nudge them a bit closer to living their best lives in 2020. Will that be you this year? If the answer's yes, these Chicago apartments can help you get a running start and tackle some of the most ambitious resolutions in the new year.

South Loop Apartments with Inspiring Views 

Astoria Tower
These South Loop luxury apartments have picture-perfect views of the skyline and nearby Museum Campus. Renters can also indulge a little bit with scenic views from the building’s state-of-the-art fitness center. Staying healthy doesn’t have to be an austere experience all the time -- who knew! If a little self care is also on the list of 2020 resolutions, the spa room at Astoria Tower is a perfect fit. 

Pilsen Apartments Built with Community in Mind

Common Racine 
Getting in shape for the new year is a fine goal, but does it exist at odds with another perennial goal of saving more money? When renters land at these Pilsen co-living suites they can neatly check both boxes by 1) saving money on renting a room in a furnished apartment building and 2) utilizing the on-site gym instead of buying a costly membership somewhere else. The perks that come with renting a room at Common™ Racine include weekly cleaning services, all utilities and high-speed Internet, plus stylish furniture provided. Oh, and 24/7 access to the aforementioned gym and a media room that features a 10-foot HD projector screen. How simple is that? It’s entirely doable with these furnished co-living suites in Pilsen. Keeping things simplified only helps keep those goals in sight for 2020.

Streeterville Apartments Bring Modern Updates to Classic Loft Building

Lofts at River East 
Apartment furnishing tastes, much like the attitudes towards different workout and health routines, change with the passage of time. Things like in-unit laundry or a dishwasher were once coveted luxuries; nowadays, these two features are fairly standard for new apartments in Chicago (and of course renters can find these features in the Lofts at River East). While these Streeterville loft apartments proudly wear the age and vintage of the building itself through interior elements such as exposed timber beams, hardwood flooring and visible ductwork, the apartment interiors have also evolved to keep up with the times that renters live in. Similarly, the gym in this Streeterville apartment building has every modern piece of fitness equipment renters might expect in a brand-new building. And a boxing trainer and heavy bag await exercise enthusiasts who want to sweat it out the old-fashioned way in the Lofts at River East’s fitness center.

River West Apartments Help Renters Reach Fitness Goals with Top-Tier Amenities

Spoke Apartments 
Whether the ideal workout routine includes high intensity interval training or high scores at Bocce Ball, this River West apartment building has renters covered. The comprehensive fitness facility in Spoke offers video-enabled cardio equipment plus two separate studio spaces. These smaller studio rooms host weekly yoga -- free for residents at Spoke apartments -- and on-demand training courses in case renters at these River West apartments want a more customized workout experience. The open air Bocce Ball court is a nice change-up for days when the desired level of activity doesn’t go beyond tossing some light weights down the court and getting some sun.

West Loop Apartments that Help Renters Live that Influencer Life

The Van Buren
Fun fact: the rooftop pool at this West Loop apartment building is fast on its way to becoming a legit scene for the neighborhood. It’s where people go to see and be seen...and score a few choice snaps for the Instagram feed, naturally. And the completely modern fitness center in this West Loop high-rise? It helps add a little confidence if renters want to work on those poolside poses and count themselves as part of the West Loop influencer scene. Of course there are serious fitness results and loftier aims to be gained at The Van Buren's state-of-the-art fitness center that includes rooms for instruction and private training sessions.

Hyde Park Apartments Keep Both Fitness & Outdoor Lifestyle in Focus

Twin Towers 
Find Hyde Park apartments at Twin Towers that give renters the dual satisfaction of a great location and the chance to keep up with that 2020 fitness regimen. Remember, the key to achieving fitness goals is to keep it simple. These Hyde Park apartments help renters simplify their lives in more ways than one. There’s a gym in the building with all the machines that can facilitate a weight or cardio-centric workout; then there’s the abundant lakefront real estate immediately east of this apartment building. Renters can alternate between strolls along the lake or serious miles on the treadmill if they rent one of these Hyde Park apartments.