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Why Do Chicago Apartments Show So Much Love for the Chicago Flag?

The city flag is ubiquitous in Chicago. The sky-blue bars and four red stars appear on t-shirts, coffee mugs, messenger bags and the flag also serves as inspiration for plenty of tattoos. It comes as little surprise that this beloved civic symbol finds its way into the homes of many Chicagoans. 

Why does a civic symbol like the city’s flag end up adorning so many tchotchkes, bumper stickers, front porches and even being inked onto people’s skin? Perhaps it’s born out of enthusiasm for the flag’s origin story. The design of the Chicago flag is a master course in efficient symbolism. Everything means something, and nothing is wasted. Three white bands represent the geographic areas of Chicago: the north, west and south sides. The blue stripes represent the city’s waterways, the Chicago River and Lake Michigan. The four red stars, meanwhile, stand for momentous events in the city’s history: Fort Dearborn, the Great Chicago Fire, The World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, and the Century of Progress International Exposition of 1933 each have a signifying star on the flag. History buffs and geography nerds must rejoice each time they see another Chicago flag-inspired tattoo around town, and they’re hardly alone in their appreciation.

Still, the answer to why so many people find Chicago’s flag so endearing could be far simpler: the flag just looks nice. The clean design and simple elements of the Chicago flag make it a very pleasing symbol of the city that so many people call home.

Here is a compendium of the images culled from Chicago apartment listings that feature the Chicago flag in some way, shape or form. One must wonder, does the prominent display of Chicago pride mean that the apartment gets rented sooner? 

Roscoe Village Coach House for Rent

living room of coach house for rent in Roscoe Village neighborhood of Chicago

There are numerous benefits to renting a coach house in Chicago. For starters, these charming little houses are kind of rare. That’s largely thanks to a change in the Chicago zoning code that froze construction on all new coach houses in the early 2000s. Renters get to experience the feel of living in a single family home without the incumbent costs of owning, so it’s a good test run for renters who feel like they might make the leap to buying a home in the not-too-distant future. This delightful, pocket-sized house in Roscoe Village obviously got the memo about the upside to living the coach house life, and they rightfully acknowledge their spot in an exclusive club with the wood carving of the Chicago city flag in the living room.

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Lincoln Park 1 Bedroom Apartment for Rent

living room of 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Lincoln Park with Chicago flag artwork on wall above sofa

This bright and airy Lincoln Park apartment has vintage charm to go with its updated fixtures. New lighting and appliances make this 1 bedroom apartment very livable while the hardwood floors, crown molding and radiator heat supply depth and (not just literal) warmth to the unit. This apartment’s take on Chicago’s most popular civic symbol layers the city flag on top of a black and white photo of the city’s skyline casting afternoon shadows over the beautiful lakefront shore. Bonus points for accuracy, since many Lincoln Park apartment renters are able to walk to the vantage point utilized in this photo.

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Rogers Park Studio Apartment for Rent

studio apartment with stainless steel kitchen appliances, dark wood cabinets and breakfast nook in Rogers Park, Chicago, IL

This efficient studio apartment in Rogers Park takes a very clean approach to both the apartment lifestyle and the iconic Chicago flag. The apartment layout is simple and straightforward; the place easily conveys the no-muss, no-fuss appeal of renting a studio apartment. It’s the same thought process with the Chicago flag hanging by the breakfast nook (speaking of, how many studios do you see that even *have* a breakfast nook??). This is the city’s symbol, boiled down to its essence. And sometimes it’s tough to improve on the original.

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Duplex Apartment in Lakeview

Living room with bay window and fireplace in duplex apartment for rent in Lakeview, Chicago.

New apartments in Chicago can boast about their many modern conveniences for renters, but one thing that can be in short supply is rustic character. The solution? Get crafty with the Chicago flag. This sparkling new duplex apartment for rent in Lakeview added a splash of local pride and rustic charm with their version of the Chicago flag made from reclaimed wood.

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North Center Three-Flat Apartment

backyard patio of North Center apartment for rent in Chicago, IL

Chicago apartment renters must be fairly familiar with the sight of brick or greystone three-flats, like this three-flat apartment in the North Center neighborhood. The current occupants have used a wood carving of the Chicago Flag to spruce up the backyard patio area, and it looks as cozy and inviting as the warm interior of this classic Chicago apartment. Two- and three-flat apartment construction was all the rage in a period of Chicago’s history as it rebuilt after the Great Chicago Fire, and they continued to pop up in every neighborhood prior to the Great Depression. Perhaps not coincidentally, the Chicago Flag marks the start and end of this epoch with two of its four red stars: the second star represents the Great Fire and the fourth star is emblematic of the Century of Progress World’s Fair of 1933. The World’s Fair came at a point when America’s morale was particularly low, as the Great Depression trudged along with seemingly no end in sight. The Fair, however, was a showcase of technological innovation and it brightened the spirits of many who came to witness the spectacle. Today, monuments constructed during the Fair still stand, most notably Soldier Field and its inspiring colonnade along the Lake Michigan shore.

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West Loop Loft Condo

2 bedroom condo loft in the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago with exposed brick walls and ceiling

There are plenty of arresting details in this West Loop 2 bedroom condo. The loft boasts hardwood floors, exposed brick and high ceilings -- all pretty common features when it comes to city lofts. But a couple things really elevate this West Loop pad to another level, in particular the exposed brick ceiling and great views of the Willis Tower from the balcony. That’s not something you see every day. Of course, in a place that could only exist in Chicago you find the familiar flag signifying the city’s own story.

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