In Chicago, All of Us are Neighbors

Being a nice neighbor makes life better, whether you’re an apartment renter or a homeowner. It’s a common sense acknowledgment. If you arrive at home and your hands are full from a stop at the grocery store, you’ll be thankful that a nice neighbor holds open a door for you. That’s just one tiny example.

Returning that little kindness, and other similarly small gestures, carries meaning. We might not think about it first thing in the morning, but it’s an aspect of shared life in the city that we at Domu wanted to hold up and appreciate. And we wanted to get this message out across the city. So we printed up ads and put them on CTA buses and trains, where Chicagoans could see them plain as day.

We’ve been thinking about kindness and how it’s somewhat lacking from the news lately. We’ve been thinking about how good it feels when we can step outside our personal bubbles and treat others the way we’d like to be treated.

The simple truth: It’s nice to be nice.
To our friends.
To our family.
To our tenants.
To our landlords.
To the guy living upstairs.
To the couple living next door.
To the stranger in that car who’s trying to merge on Lake Shore Drive.
To the parent with the crying toddler on the train.

Because all of us share this great city.
Because here, we’re all neighbors.