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Chicago apartments come in a wide breadth of shapes, sizes and sets of amenities. There are basic and minimalist studio apartments for renters that want to find a great place on a budget, and then there are the swanky luxury Chicago apartments that boast every upgrade imaginable: gleaming appliances, high-end finishes, amazing amenity spaces and incredible views. And the city has apartments for rent at all other points on the spectrum of course, including a growing number of pet friendly apartments. Whether you’re searching for a 1 bedroom apartment that’s easy to keep neat or a sprawling 4 bedroom apartment that can suit a wide array of configurations, Chicago apartments that match your search criteria are just one click away. 

Apartment renters who are renting their first apartments in Chicago will have different criteria to find the place that’s worthy of calling home. Is it more important to live by the CTA or the highway? A place that’s walking distance to work? Or is it more preferable to find a Chicago apartment that has a view of Lake Michigan? Stretching from Rogers Park on the far north side down to the former resort community of South Shore, Chicago apartments with lake views are in abundance. Transportation options are plentiful for most apartments in Chicago, but the ultimate factor in deciding where to find an apartment in Chicago might be which neighborhood feels right. There are more than 70 official neighborhoods in Chicago, each with their own unique sense of style and place. Some are renowned for having the most serene parks in the city, while others are known for the numerous concert venues and nightlife spots. Whatever your search criteria may be, finding apartments in Chicago doesn’t need to be overwhelming or confusing. Explore some of the finest lofts for rent in Chicago or browse single family homes for rent. Settle in with one of Domu’s useful neighborhood guides. Head to the blog to read the latest news and advice about renting an apartment in Chicago. The possibilities are endless in a city as big and as diverse as Chicago.

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