History in Avondale
National Landmarks

3963 west belmont avenue

Florsheim Shoe Company Building

This building, which served as headquarters for Florsheim Shoes, was designated a landmark on march 29, 2006.  Alfred Alschuler designed and completed the building between 1924 and 1926.

History in Avondale
Clubs and Theaters

2126 west belmont avenue

Electrical Audio

While neither a club nor a theater, Electrical Audio is a recording studio that has hosted such bands as OK Go, Blues Traveler, Cheap Trick, Liz Phair, The Stooges, and flogging molly.  Owned and operated by famed recording engineer Steve Albini, who produced nirvana's in utero and the pixies' surfer rosa, Electrical Audio opened in 1997.  

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History in Avondale

Northwest corner of Diversey Parkway and Pulaski

The Olson Waterfall

Torn down in 1971 to make room for a parking lot, one of Chicago's most storied novelties, the Olson Waterfall, was located here at the northwestern corner of Diversey and Pulaski.  In 1935, Walter E. Olson built a 22-acre park on the property adjacent to his sprawling rug mill, complete with an artificial mountain, a 35-foot waterfall, a duck pond, and thousands of perennials, junipers, spruces, and pines.  

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