History in Clearing

1380 East Madison Avenue Park

Bill Veeck Chicago

During Bill Veeck's career as a baseball owner, he headed the Cleveland Indians, St. Louis Browns (now Baltimore Orioles), and the Chicago White Sox (twice).  Known as the "fan's owner," Veeck started "bat day," created the exploding scoreboard at Comiskey Park, and was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991.  He was also a front-office assistant with the Cubs and planted the ivy at Wrigley Field in 1937.  

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History in Clearing

17101 South Park Avenue South Holland, Illinois

Thornwood High School

Thornwood High School at 17101 South Park Avenue South Holland, Illinois opened in 1972.  Its notable alumni include Eddy Curry (of the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks), Mark Mulder (of the Oakland A’s and St. Louis Cardinals), and Steve Trout (who pitched for both the White Sox and the Cubs, among other teams). 

History in Clearing

7200 Archer Road, Justice, Illinois

Resurrection Mary

Resurrection Mary is Chicago’s most famous ghost.  Over the course of the past eight decades, reports of encounters with Resurrection Mary have made the rounds among local newspapers, radio shows, and websites. 

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