Find Your Perfect Humboldt Park Studio Apartment

Humboldt Park, Chicago, has apartment sizes of all kinds but boasts many studio apartments available year-round that remain affordable to some adjacent neighborhoods. Studio apartment renters looking for good deals on rent can still find reasonably cheap studio apartments in Humboldt Park while still having access to the boulevards, a massive city park, and a host of good restaurants and shops within the neighborhood. Studio apartments in Humboldt Park can be found in subdivided homes, 2-flat, 3-flat, and condo buildings.  They are connected to other west side communities on Chicago's boulevard system. The boulevards are cherished legacies of 19th-century city planners, who envisioned broad green spaces for residents to congregate and relax in their neighborhood while consolidating traffic further away from apartments in Humboldt Park. The boulevards connect to nearby Logan Square and Garfield Park. The massive and beautiful 207-acre Humboldt Park is the anchor of this neighborhood with its lagoon, boat house, bike/running path, baseball diamonds, and more.  The Metra Train access is a breeze with the MD-W line at Grand and Cicero and the UP-W line at Kedzie and Kinzie.

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