History in Pullman

821 East 103rd Street

Corliss High School

Corliss High School opened in 1974 at 821 East 103rd Street and was named after engineer George Henry Corliss, who invented the Corliss steam engine.  The school's most notable alumnus is former professional basketball player Darrell Walker, who played 12 seasons in the NBA, including 28 games with the 1993 NBA Champion Chicago Bulls.

History in Pullman

east of stoney island avenue between 105th and 108th streets


On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, Edward Graney, a tactical flight officer for the Cook County Sheriff’s Police, identified something suspiciously lime-green in the middle of an otherwise dark patch of forestry, just east of stoney island avenue, across the street from the harborside international golf center.  suspecting an outdoor marijuana garden, he asked the pilot to veer back for a closer look. 

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