Search for 2 bedroom apartments in Ravenswood. The apartments for rent in Ravenswood are typically found on quiet, leafy streets that have a classic neighborhood vibe. The homes are impressive but there are plenty of options for renters who are looking for 2 bedroom apartments in Ravenswood.

Renters who are looking for 2 bedroom Ravenswood apartments for rent will find them in a neighborhood that's almost too quaint to exist within the city limits. And one could say that's almost by design: Did you know that Ravenswood was originally a planned suburb of Chicago? Yes, this neighborhood was built as a bedroom community but it was annexed so that the city could benefit from the popular streetcar line that serviced the area, which today serves as the CTA's Brown line. Today there are many classic homes from those early, pre-annexation days in Ravenswood that have been subdivided into apartments. There are also plenty of vintage two- and three-flat apartments, some condo buildings and boutique apartments, and even a few cool loft apartments along the span of North Ravenswood Avenue that runs parallel to the train tracks.