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What’s the draw for people to rent apartments in South Barrington? Mainly it’s the cozy and upscale neighborhoods, and access to good schools. South Barrington also offers thriving local businesses to solidify a strong suburban feel, and also offers access to great outdoor activities and public parks.

Heart of the Neighborhood

The Stillman Nature Center is home to woodland creatures and beautiful natural features. From flowers to trees to ponds to owls to deer to foxes to sparrows to fish, the Stillman Nature Center aims to preserve the land and offer a safe habitat for nature to flourish. If you've never visited The Arboretum of South Barrington before, you'll be surprised that it's not a landscape of trees and gardens. In fact, it's an open air shopping center that pays homage to the tree farm that once stood in its place. This collection of luxurious shops, upscale restaurants and movie theater makes for a great outing at any time of day with friends or family.

What We Love Most

South Barrington is located close to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. There's some great convenience that comes with the proximity, but there are also a few downsides. However, South Barrington takes steps to help their residents live their best lives by the airport by providing air quality monitoring on their website.

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Residents who rent apartments in South Barrington can get directly to downtown Chicago by car via I-290 or I-90. South Barrington is a suburb located 34 miles northwest of the city of Chicago.

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