History in South Chicago

3225 East 91st Street

The Blues Brothers - Triple Rock Baptist Church

At Triple Rock Baptist Church at 3225 E. 91st St in South Chicago, Jake (John Belushi) "sees the light" while Reverend Cleophus James (James Brown) provides a rousing rendition of "old landmark."  Director John Landis shot the interior scenes in Hollywood, but the church received $500 for the exterior shots, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

History in South Chicago
National Landmarks

9117 south commercial avenue

Calumet National Bank Building

The Calumet National Bank Building was designated a landmark on July 9, 2008.

92nd street at south chicago and exchange avenues

Drake Fountain

Architect Richard Henry Park designed what is believed to be the city's first statue commemorating Christopher Columbus.  It is also known as the Columbus Monument and was a gift from John B. Drake, a Chicago hotel owner.  The drinking fountain was designated a landmark on March 10, 2004.