Find Your Perfect Ukrainian Village 2 Bedroom Apartment

Find 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Ukrainian Village. This neighborhood on Chicago's near west side has transformed from a prototypical residential enclave, albeit one with some interesting examples of Chicago's neighborhood architecture, into a bona fide destination for hipsters. The businesses along West Chicago Avenue are largely to thank for this renaissance, although some of the most celebrated places to go in Ukrainian Village have been there for generations, such as The Empty Bottle on North Western Avenue.

From architecture enthusiasts to music lovers, there's something for everyone in the eclectic residential neighborhood. This Chicago neighborhood offers 2 bedroom apartments for rent in a price range that can run the gamut from the low end of rental prices (i.e. pretty affordable compared to other neighborhoods on Chicago's near west side) to pricey homes that are comparable with luxury apartments closer to Chicago's downtown. The typical 2 bedroom apartment in Chicago rents for about $1,900 per month. Renters can find Ukrainian Village apartments right in that zone and, if they're savvy about when they conduct their apartment search, slightly below the citywide average. There are plenty of roomy options for renters who are looking to maximize their footprint. The neighborhood is characterized by its stock of single family houses for rent and spacious vintage apartments.