History in West Englewood

6139 South Wolcott Avenue

Robert Lindblom Math & Science Academy

Home of the Eagles, Lindblom was originally called Lindblom Technical High School at 6139 South Wolcott Avenue, and was named for Robert Lindblom, a 19th-century Swedish-born trader on the Chicago Board of Trade.  The school's seven pillars were condensed from the "144 Rules of Conduct" written by the Class of 2009, and were established to remind students what is expected of them.  Lindblom is one of nine selective enrollment high schools in the Chicago public schools system.  The school's alumni include WLS-TV anchor Cheryl Burton; former host of "Match Game" Gene Rayburn; actor and Emmy award-winning writer Ali Leroi; John W. Reagan, who was one of the Golden 13 (the first African-American commissioned officers in the U.S. Navy); journalist Ethel L. Payne, who was known as "the First Lady of the Black Press;" house music pioneer Steve "Silk" Hurley; co-founder and CEO of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Jerry Sanders; and two-time Olympic gymnast Bill Roetzheim.