UPDATE May 21, 2020:

The Cook County Board of Commissioners approved a 60-day extension of the deadline to pay the 2019 second installment property tax bill for Cook County homeowners. The deadline to pay the second installment property tax bill is still technically August 3, 2020 but homeowners will have until October 1, 2020 to pay the bill without late penalties.

This is a welcome grace period for landlords and homeowners in Cook County as neighboring Illinois counties have announced similar plans and waivers of late fees. Read more about Domu's form letter that we shared with Chicago area landlords in the days leading up to this decision by Cook County elected officials.

A Message for Cook County Elected Officials from Chicago Landlords

Chicago’s renters have been hit hard by the economic downturn caused by shutdowns and stay-at-home orders related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now eight weeks into the stay-at-home order, many non-essential workers are struggling to pay the rent, buy groceries, and pay for other essential expenses.

Renters are turning to landlords for rent relief. April rent collection was reportedly down over 60%. 

Landlords want to heed Mayor Lightfoot’s call to provide some grace to their tenants. But landlords have financial challenges, too – they are obligated to continue to maintain apartment buildings and to pay the upcoming second installment property tax bill that is due in August, and make mortgage or loan payments. 

Some of the collar counties are weighing whether they can afford to waive late fees and interest payments for their upcoming property tax bills. Reportedly, Cook County has not yet evaluated this type of reprieve for Chicago’s property owners.  

Want to advocate to your Cook County elected officials for temporary relief?

Relief could come in the form of deferred payments and waived late fees and interest payments for the upcoming August property tax bill. Domu drafted a form letter that tells the story of Chicago’s struggling landlords. Perhaps you would like to send it to the policy makers who have the authority to grant relief. 

You can download a PDF copy of this letter and there's space for Cook County landlords to fill in the name of their County Board Commissioner (look up your district and commissioner here) and add a signature before sending it to their elected officials. 

Domu’s mission has always been to help Chicago’s tenants find a place to call home and to help landlords find tenants for their Chicago apartments. We recognize that Chicago’s tenants and landlords are facing devastating financial hardships and hope that this petition helps everyone get through this very challenging time. Domu owns no property and has no property tax bill to pay.

DISCLAIMER: Domu is not a lobbyist, a lawyer, or a law firm. We are an internet listing service focusing on Chicago rental apartments.  Domu does not provide legal advice and does not represent you or anyone in property tax appeals or any other legal matter.  

To fill out and submit this form letter, it's recommended that landlords who own property in Cook County start by looking up their local Cook County Board Commissioner. Commissioners are elected officials who oversee county activities and work to ensure that citizen concerns are met, federal and state requirements are fulfilled, and county operations run smoothly. 

Find your local Cook County Board Commissioner

Who Should Hear this Appeal from Cook County Landlords?

Cook County President

The President of the Cook County Board of Commissioners is the Chief Executive Officer of Cook County. 

118 N. Clark St, Room 537, Chicago, IL 60602 | 312-603-4600 

Contact Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle

Cook County Treasurer

The County Treasurer’s Office is responsible for collecting, safeguarding, investing and distributing property tax funds.

118 N. Clark St, Room 112, Chicago, IL 60602 | 312-443-5100

Contact Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas

Cook County Assessor

The Assessor's Office is responsible for setting fair and accurate values for 1.8 million parcels of Cook County property.

118 N. Clark St, Room 320, Chicago, IL 60602 | 312-443-7550

Contact Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi

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