Free Chicago Apartment Lease

Free Chicago Apartment Lease

Domu Free Apartment Lease Agreement Form

Simplify the leasing process by using Domu’s Model Chicago Apartment Lease.  This apartment lease was developed exclusively for use in the City of Chicago, where most rentals are governed by the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (the “CRLTO”) as well as Illinois law. Although the lease was written in a spirit of compliance with the CRLTO, owner-occupied buildings of six units or less are exempt and may therefore impose more restrictive terms upon tenants if they so choose. Domu suggests that landlords and tenants alike consult a lawyer before using this lease form. 

To make the residential lease process more foolproof for Chicago landlords, this free Chicago apartment lease includes all the flyers and disclosures mandated by the CRLTO and the Chicago Recycling Ordinance. Within this one easy-to-use document, you'll find the Chicago Recycling Rules Flyer, the City of Chicago's Summary of the CRLTO, a lead-based paint disclosure form, a Radon disclosure form, a Security Deposit Receipt form, a move-in/out inspection form, and a bed bug prevention brochure.    

The Domu apartment lease is uo to date for 2018, but it is generic. It was developed to cover all residential property types. It invites, but does not require, customization. For example, landlords renting single-family homes should be aware that the lease contains occasional references to common areas. Again, with assistance from counsel, you should strongly consider making the necessary adjustments.

Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions:  Domu is not offering, or purporting to offer, legal advice to you or anyone else in the world. Domu is not a law firm. The Model Lease is not legal advice.  Domu offers its Chicago Apartment Lease “as is."  Domu expressly disclaims any warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, any warranty regarding the suitability of this lease or its adequacy for protecting your interests. In other words, if the lease damages you in any way, you agree that you will have no legal recourse against Domu.  You may not remove any Domu trademarks from the lease form.