Edgewater apartments can be found in high concentration along the expansive lakefront of Chicago. Apartment buildings in Edgewater frequently boast spectacular views of Lake Michigan, but for those apartment renters who would opt for a smaller, or medium-sized, apartment building, then Edgewater shouldn't disappoint. The options are various and as you can see by the list below, there are quite a decent variety of popular Edgewater apartment buildings to choose from.

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5516 N Kenmore
5516 N Kenmore Ave
Rent starting at
Sheridan Tower
5650 N Sheridan Rd
Rent starting at
The Concord at Sheridan
6438 N Sheridan Rd
Rent starting at
1BR Dining Area
The Covington
4600 N Clarendon Ave
Rent starting at
Winthrop Place
6124 N Winthrop Ave
Rent starting at
1033 W Loyola
1033 W Loyola Ave
1055-67 W Glenlake Ave & 6035-45 N Winthrop Ave
6035-67 W Glenlake Ave
1061 W Rosemont
1061 W Rosemont Ave
1255 W Bryn Mawr
1255 W Bryn Mawr Ave
1331 W. Loyola
1331 W Loyola Ave
1332 W Granville
1332 W Granville Ave
1400 W Edgewater
1400-06 W Edgewater Ave
1501 W Granville
1501 W Granville Ave
1600 W Hollywood Chicago
1600 W Hollywood Ave
1723 W Thorndale
1723 W Thorndale Ave
5100 N Marine
5100 N Marine Dr
5250 N Sheridan
5250 N Sheridan Rd
building exterior
5300 N Sheridan
5300 N Sheridan Rd