Hyde Park apartment buildings can be found along the neighborhood's distinctive boulevards and leafy side streets. Many apartment buildings offer renters fantastic views. Scenic outlooks such as Lake Michigan, Jackson Park, and the gothic architecture of the University of Chicago campus are some of the unique features of renting an apartment here. Here are some of the most popular apartment buildings in the neighborhood.

1101 E Hyde Park Apartments
1101 E Hyde Park
Rent starting at
1154-1156 East 56th Apartments
1154-1156 East 56th
1321 E. 57th St Apartments
1321 E. 57th St
1358 E 58th St Apartments
1358 E 58th St
Rent starting at
1360-1364 E. 52nd Street Apartments
1360-64 E. 52nd St
Rent starting at
1367 E. 53rd Street Apartments
1367 E. 53rd Street
Rent starting at
1400 East 57th Street Apartments
1400 East 57th Street
1413-15 E. 57th Apartments
1413-15 E. 57th
1440 E. 52nd Street Apartments
1440 E. 52nd Street
Rent starting at
1515 E. 54th Street Apartments
1515 E. 54th Street
Rent starting at
4721 South Ellis Apartments
4721 South Ellis
Rent starting at
5118 S. Greenwood Apartments
5118 S. Greenwood
Rent starting at
5120 South Hyde Park Apartments
5120 South Hyde Park
Rent starting at
5128-5132 S. Cornell Avenue Apartments
5128-5132 S. Cornell Avenue
5202-5210 S Cornell Apartments
5202-5210 S Cornell
Rent starting at
5218-5220 S. Kimbark Avenue Apartments
5218-5220 S. Kimbark Avenue
Rent starting at
5222-38 S. Drexel Avenue Apartments
5222-38 S. Drexel Avenue
Rent starting at
5237-5245 S. Kenwood Avenue Apartments
5237-5245 S. Kenwood Avenue