Logan Square Chicago apartment buildings usually resemble the prototypical working-class housing stock in Chicago neighborhoods; there are courtyard apartment buildings, classic brick and masonry two-flats, three-flats, and there are plenty of the double wide versions of those common apartment buildings, too. Walk down any side street in the Logan Square neighborhood and you'll likely find six- or eight-flat apartment buildings with single family homes tucked in between them.

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kitchen at 3935 W Diversey Apartments in Logan Square Chicago
3935 W. Diversey
3935 W Diversey Ave
Rent starting at
2480 N Milwaukee Ave
Rent starting at
MiCA Apartments model unit living room with view of downtown Chicago
2733 W Belden Ave
Rent starting at
kitchen and living room in model unit at Noca Blu Apartments
Noca Blu
2340 N California Ave
Rent starting at
model modern kitchen at 2128 North Sawyer Apartments
2128 North Sawyer
2128 N Sawyer Ave
sidewalk view of red brick experior of 2319 North Kedzie Apartments
2319 North Kedzie
2319 N Kedzie Ave
2346 W McLean
2346 W Mclean Ave
across the street with trees and cars at 2375 W Montana Apartments
2375 West Montana
2375 W Montana St
perfectly manicured landscaped courtyard at 2516 North Kedzie Apartments
2516 North Kedzie
2516 N Kedzie Ave
2533 N Kimball
2533 N Kimball Ave
2535 West Fullerton
2535 W Fullerton Ave
courtyard of 2637 North Spaulding Apartments in logan square chicago
2637 North Spaulding
2637 N Spaulding Ave
2650 N Milwaukee
2650 N Milwaukee Ave
exterior limestone facade at 2801 W Logan Apartments in Chicago
2801 W Logan
2801 W Logan Blvd
light brown exterior of 2852 West Shakespeare Apartments
2852 West Shakespeare
2852-54 W Shakespeare Ave
2863 W Belden
2863 W Belden Ave
2934 W Logan
2934 W Logan Blvd
3045 W Logan
3045 W Logan Blvd