aerial view o green roof at 1545 W. North Avenue Apartments in Chicago
1545 W. North Avenue
1545 W North Ave
Rent starting at
living room at 1611 W Division Apartments in Wicker Park Chicago
1611 W Division
1611 W Division St
Rent starting at
living room at SoNu Digs Apartments in Lincoln Park Chicago
SoNu Digs
1515 N Fremont St
Rent starting at
1170 N Milwaukee
1170 N Milwaukee Ave
1231 N Greenview
1231 N Greenview Ave
living room and kitchen at 1241 N Milwaukee Apartments in Chicago
1241 N Milwaukee
1241 N Milwaukee Ave
1348 Milwaukee
1348 N Milwaukee
dining room model with furnishings at 1348 North Milwaukee Lofts
1348 North Milwaukee Loft
1348 N Milwaukee Ave
kitchen and living area at 1471 North Milwaukee Apartments  in Wicker Park
1471 North Milwaukee
1471 N Milwaukee Ave
exterior front of 1500 North damen Apartments in Wicker Park Chicago
1500 North Damen
1500 N Damen Ave
living room & kitchen at 1509 North Western Apartments, 1509 N. Western Ave
1509 North Western
1509 N Western Ave
giant loft living room with wood floors at 1550 North Damen Lofts
1550 North Damen Loft
1550 N Damen Ave
living room with brick walls at 1640 North Damen Apartments in Bucktown
1640 North Damen
1640 N Damen Ave
living room in the model apartment at 1647 North Milwaukee Apartments
1647 N Milwaukee
1647 N Milwaukee
white kitchen at 1819 Lofts in Wicker Park Chicago
1819 Lofts
1819 W Division St
1936 West Thomas
1936 W Thomas St
model apartment living room at 1942 W North Apartments
1942 W North
1942 W North Ave
outside red brick of 2010 West Pierce Apartments in Wicker Park Chicago
2010 West Pierce
2010 W Pierce St