Things landlords should know before renting to students

Universities and colleges around Chicago will soon resume classes. Chicago landlords renting to students should consider these tips to make sure their lease agreements make the grade for the upcoming academic year.

Insist on a (Credit-Worthy) Guarantor
Worried your student renter might fall short on rent? Then employ the financial backstop of a guarantor (see the guarantor provision in Domu’s model lease). A guarantor agrees to the financial obligations of the lease – in other words, to pay the rent....

the best apartment rooftops to watch Air & Water Show in Chicago

The annual display of acrobatic, high-powered planes and watercraft at the Chicago Air and Water Show is an event that many Chicagoans will note on their calendars. For those who live close to the lakefront where the official festivities take place, this weekend may be circled as a reminder to steer clear of the crowds and heavy traffic. But for the Chicagoans who want to enjoy the show, there are plenty of vantage points throughout the city to watch from a comfortable distance.

Here are a few of the best rooftops for tenants to gather with their friends and neighbors to watch the...

finding quality listings for dog lovers in Chicago shouldn't have you chasing your tail

Finding a dog-friendly building in Chicago shouldn’t have you chasing your own tail. 

At first glance, it might look like Chicago dog owners have it all: a great walking companion for the city’s many miles of public parkways, a warm snuggle buddy when winter arrives, a great alarm system and of course a faithful friend for life. But one thing that dog owners quickly realize about life in the city is that their four-legged best friend isn’t welcome at every apartment building.

Many buildings in the city welcome renters and their dogs, but weight limits and extra fees for pet...

track the best deals on rent and admin fees in Chicago

Think that free rent in Chicago must be a myth? Think again. Here’s a list of properties in Chicago and nearby suburbs that are offering deals on rent right now. But you’ll have to act fast, these deals won’t be around forever. 

1401 S State, South Loop
Will waive the admin fee if applying within 48 hours and offering rent credits on select apartments. View listing




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