July 31, 2012

10 Must-Do's For Renters

Here at domu, we want to support you as you search for your new home.  Before you decide to rent a new place, we suggest you conduct these ten essential checks:

1.  Turn on all lights and kitchen appliances to ensure that they are, or remain, operational.

2.  Run hot and cold water from every faucet in the apartment (including sinks and tubs), then check both temperature and pressure.

3.  Open and close all kitchen cabinets and closet doors and carefully inspect for evidence of rodent infestations or water leaks.

4.  Inspect the bathtub and/or shower for evidence of mold, moisture, or drainage problems.

5.  Flush the toilets and observe what happens.  This can be more exciting than the Olympic shot-put competition.

6.  Check the number and location of electrical outlets and bring a cell-phone charger (or other device) to test the power.

7.  Open, close, lock, and unlock all windows, then test all blinds and shades for functionality.

8.  Open, close, lock, and unlock all doors, especially the entry door (and check for the presence of a dead bolt on all entry doors).

9.  Verify the existence of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

10.  Check all ceilings, walls, and floors for evidence of water damage (in the form of staining, paint blistering, or floor buckling).

If that was helpful, there’s much more to inspect and consider, such as the building exterior, the amenities, the pet policies, utilities, and the neighborhood.  For additional suggestions, feel free to download a copy of the domu tenant guide.

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